Bike Your Drive!

Year Round Commuters

The topic of our current poll was suggested to us by one of our readers. I’ll be honest, I don’t consider myself a year-round commuter. I really HATE riding in the rain. Why? Two main reasons:

Reason #1: L.A. drivers can’t drive for s__t when it rains.
Reason#2: My facility at work does not have showers or any place to store wet gear.

I’ve ridden twice while it was raining and I was miserable. The nice thing is that it rarely rains in Sunny So. Cal. so you can say I ride 3 seasons and a half. I tip my hat to all of you who ride in the rain/snow/shine.

So go ahead and vote, we are curious to read how many of you ride all year round.

Bike Shops that suck

I was reading that a lot of Bike Shops suck on one of my cycling newsletters. They ran a poll and they found out that out of 2100 people that answered, 35% say they “frequently” encounter poor treatment in shops, 25% say “occasionally”, 13% say “rarely”,18% say their local shop is “the greatest” when it comes to customer service.

One of my LBSs is closing it’s doors this month; I attribute it to poor customer service and lack of parts. The shop was run by 2 young guys that would be too busy on the internet or too busy watching videos. Whenever I would ask for parts, 90% of the time they would be out of stock. Their attitude was also pathetic, sometimes I would go in and out without ever being acknowledged. I understand that hiring young guys lowers the salary cap, but at the same time, if they are not motivated, they will kill the business. Sadly, I won’t miss that shop at all.

What is it with people in luxury cars…

So the other day I was in an affluent area of the OC, Newport Beach. Think of people driving Hummers, BMW, Land Rovers and Benz’. I’m at the light waiting for it to change green and I see this guy in a benz next to me. I made eye contact and waited for the light to turn green. Light changes, I start to pedal, he lunges forward, stops, looks at me, then punches the gas to cut me off!

So I yell like crazy to him and throw my hands up in the air out of indignation for his actions…I then ride along the street to see if I can find him lined up in all that traffic he just rushed into. I see him, I yell to him, “Why’d you cut me off? I had the right of way!!!!”

The douche looked at me and then quickly turned his head away to ignore me. Aye…what a jerk.

Then this morning when I was dropping off the kids at school, another benz driver was pulling out of the school parking lot. There are two clearly marked signs that say, “Right Turn Only, Buses Exempt.” So what does she do? Yup you guessed it, a left turn. As she’s doing that, she nearly rams another car that was right in front of her!

Hey Cowboy!

With the passing of our dog Chuy, our house felt very quiet and empty. So we started looking around for the right dog to add on to our family tree. We went to the pound a few times, called on a few ads from Craigslist. Then this little guy caught our attention. We quickly adopted him and brought him home.

Cowboy has been great with the kids and has adjusted pretty well. One of the things I wanted to see was how he would do on a bike ride. So I got an old basket out, placed it in the Big Red Bike, which I now call Clifford, and put Cowboy inside.

He was pretty relaxed the whole time and didn’t even try to jump out.

I then took Breanna and Cowboy on a ride around the cul-de-sac to see how he’d do on the street. Just look at him, he’s enjoying it.

Nice Rear View!

RL and my girls enjoy the riding the tandem together, but I always feel bad because they don’t always have the ideal view from the back. lol. Then I saw this video. This is the solution to that problem!!!