I got some news from Bicycle Fixation about their new HEMP Knickers…no you can’t get high off a pair of knickers… Bicycle Fixation announces the release of their new Hemp…

Nice Tats

Over at our mountain biking website, I did a posting about bicycling tatoos. My wife has it set in her mind that I am going to get one. But I’m…

Unwanted Benefit

There’s a long list of benefits that I receive from being a bike commuter. Becoming healthier, saving some dough, and helping the environment are just a couple of perks. But…

Car-Free Life Tests Commuters’ Skills

Henry H. of KHS Bicycles send us this article from ABC News Six years ago, Bruce Wilbur did what most Americans wouldn’t dream of: he got rid of his car….

Paint your own bike

Check out this bike…this was done at home! Read all about it on Bookmark It Hide Sites