Unwanted Benefit

There’s a long list of benefits that I receive from being a bike commuter. Becoming healthier, saving some dough, and helping the environment are just a couple of perks. But…

Car-Free Life Tests Commuters’ Skills

Henry H. of KHS Bicycles send us this article from ABC News Six years ago, Bruce Wilbur did what most Americans wouldn’t dream of: he got rid of his car….

Paint your own bike

Check out this bike…this was done at home! Read all about it on Instructables.com Bookmark It Hide Sites

What is a Bike Commuter?

Some people are under the assumption that a “bike commuter” is some one that rides their bike to and from work. But what if you don’t ride your bike just…

Cheap Date

Earlier this afternoon my wife Soraya and I went out for a ride around post. I just love going out for a ride with her. It’s quality time spent together…