Bike Your Drive!

You wanna fight?

People can be brave while they’re in their cars because they feel safe inside. But out of all the drivers that I’ve stood up to…none of them have gotten out to try and fight me.

Don’t get me wrong there are tons of wackos out there that are more than capable of ripping your head off…but I’m going to take a wild guess that most of the people that cut you off, give you the finger, yell at you and etc…would not get out of their car to pursue a fight. Just think about it…if you were in your car and some bike rider did something to cut you off, would you get out and confront him or her?

Just Ask Jack — Still a Commuter?

One of our readers posted the following questions the other day:

“If you commute to work but bring all your work clothes on the Monday that you drive to work are you still considered a commuter? Lets say that you live oh…36 miles from you job and it takes about two hours to get there (one way) and you park your truck half way — is that still commuting to work?”

The way I see it, you are a bicycle commuter if you do even a portion of your commute via bicycle. I don’t care if you live 10 blocks or 20 miles from your job…as long as you bike, you qualify!!!

Bringing a load of work clothes on Monday (with the car) is a time-honored method many commuters use. It’s not cheating…merely a great way to make sure you look presentable at work. The other four days are on the bike, so don’t even feel guilty if you’re driving that one day…

Multi-modal commuting is quickly becoming a viable way for folks to reduce their impact on the environment, get some exercise and enjoy nature. Quite a few people bicycle to their nearest bus or train station, load themselves and their bikes onto said bus or train and get off at a station close to their jobs. Still others drive their cars partway and ride the remainder. I have a friend and coworker who takes the cross-Bay bus from St. Petersburg to Tampa (Hi David!) and rides his bike to work from the bus depot. He’s getting some fresh air, he’s reducing his impact on the environment and he is saving significant wear and tear (and expense) on his vehicle.

The bottom line is that there is no “one right way” to commute via bicycle. You’ve got to stick with what works for you and discard other methods. Now get out there and ride!

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Who are the real minorities?

On, I posted a little blurb about Women who ride, are super cool. I also went into the subject of them being a minority in the sport, but even more of a minority would be black men and women mountain bikers…and the more I think of it…in commuting.

I’m sure this is going to sound really goofy, but I have YET to see a black man or woman commuter on the roads that I ride on. Could it be that The OC is just too white? Once in a great while I’ll see one or two, but the last time that happened was 2 years ago!

I’m curious to know if there are other parts of the country that has a more diverse collection of riders.

My $8.00 Knickers

Ok first of all they are not CAPRIS, they are KNICKERS!

Now that we have that established, I want to show off my new KNICKERS. I went to the local Goodwill and found these bad boys.

I’m going to take a wild guess that these might be for women, but who cares, I paid $8, not $100 for them!