Bike Your Drive!

on becomming an addict

My name is Jeff, and I think I am a bike addict. I do not say these things intending to mock any sort of serious addictions. But I admit: I really like bikes and riding them. I own two, but yearn for at least 3 more – and that’s before concerns of money even kick in. 17 miles pedaling a bike each day is not enough for me. I ache for more, and often I ache because I do more.

Case in point: last Wednesday I came home from work (to which I transported myself to by bike). Upon walking into my apartment, I decided I wanted to go out for a bike ride. I swapped out my road shoes for my MTB shoes, grabbed the mountain bike and headed right back out the door. I spent another good hour on my mountain bike – both casually cruising around the trails and hitting some big climbs and big hucks (jumps for those not privy to the cyclo-speak).

The best part of all this bike riding came the next morning when I woke up. My legs felt almost as fresh as they do every other day. When I first started bike commuting, I was pretty drained each morning when I first got on the bike. But over time, my legs have built their strength and stamina, and accepted that they will be pushed pretty hard every day.

There is a great feeling of satisfaction – knowing that my daily exercise is no longer limited to transporting myself to and from work. I am again free to roam the parks, the open road and the trails in the afternoons, and if I can ever get myself out of bed before 530 am, I will be free to roam these places in the early morning. I think the afternoon suits me just fine though…

But then again, wouldn’t you do the same if this was right out your door?

Interbike 2007: Banjo Brothers

On the last day of Interbike we met up with the Banjo Brothers Crew. They showed us something new…

Check this out, the left one is the Commuter Back Pack that I reviewed, then on the right is a BIGGER Commuter Back Pack that will be available in Spring 08. It has about 2000 Cubic Inches of storage. The old back pack only had 1500.

Here’s Moe holding another item that will be ready for Spring 08, a smaller messenger bag. They also went away from the tarp-like material and went with a ballistic nylon.

They went with a gray inner liner, they said the white on the original bags would get dirty too easily.

Plus this bag is a switch hitter. Meaning you can have the shoulder strap go either on the left or the right side.

The Banjo Brothers are super cool guys and we’re pretty excited about the new things that will be coming out next year.