Liquor Run, Bike Commuter Style

On Saturday after my kids’ birthday party. My brother Randy, My brother in-law Dave and Moe decided to ride our bikes to do a liquor run. I busted out the…

Fixed Gear Friday Part Deux

Start them early, I say! Future Fixie Rider. Bookmark It Hide Sites

Commuter Profile: Dan Gentry (Dan on Bike)

Here’s Dan Gentry’s commuter profile, he is also know as Dan On Bike. He’s a fellow blogger and bike commuter from West Lafayette, IN. How long have you been a…

Review: Dynamic “Crosstown 7” Shaft-Drive Bicycle

The good folks at Dynamic Bicycles offered their “Crosstown 7″ commuter bike to us for testing. In many respects, it is like so many other commuter-oriented bicycles on the market…

Fixed Gear Friday!

and here’s Peter Gabriel’s Shock the Monkey…just cuz its fun! Bookmark It Hide Sites