Bike Mechanics, how to spot a good one

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Heading to Colorado

My family and I are heading to Colorado, Arvada to be exact. We will be visiting my wife’s brother and his family. We are planning to make it a cycling…

Brooks Baby!

Yes, it’s fixed gear Friday!! Check out my new acquisition for my Swobo Sanchez: A beautiful Brooks B17 Saddle: I wanted to customize my Swobo Sanchez with a retro-modern look…

Fixed Gear Friday Movie: Quicksilver

I just finished watching Quicksilver this morning…yes its about 5:28am right now and I have to tell you, I really liked this movie. Sure there were some inconsistencies with the…

Fixed Gear Friday!

Here’s some great fixed gear diversions to help get you through your day Finally a video of some puppies! Yeah I know…but they’re so cute! Bookmark It Hide Sites