Sideline bike lane emiting light system

Wouldn’t it be awesome if vehicle drivers were alert to the amount of space you and your bicycle need to safely pass you and to make commuting in densely populated,…

Mandatory Tour De France Post

If you follow professional cycling, you probably know that the Tour de France is in full effect. This year however, the Tour doesn’t have the ‘Big’ Names that are we…

Commuting With Nirve Ultraliner

This morning’s bike commute was a cool 86 degrees. Cool you ask? Sounds warm, but compared to the hellish ride home of a scorching 106, 86 degrees isn‘t too bad….

Regular Maintenance for the Bicycle Commuter

As bike commuters, we rely on our bikes to get us to and from work without breaking down. A few simple maintenance tasks done periodically help ensure that there will…

Interesting bike rack

Check this out: Side View Front View Bookmark It Hide Sites