Why you looking at me like that?

I just got this new job, its about 5 miles away from home and today was my first day riding my bike to the office. After I got here I put my bike away and went to the rest room to wash up and change. While I was soaping up my face, head and arms, some dude that was taking a dump comes out of the stall and while he’s washing his hands he gives me this mean look…

I figured since he’s never seen me before and wondered why I was taking a bath in the sink. So he kept looking at me funny, until I finally said, “Good Morning!” That broke his scowl for a few seconds but he still kept looking at me as if I was some homeless guy that was eating out of the trash. As I finished washing and got changed, I started to smile and said to myself, “Look all you want sucker, I didn’t’ waste any gas riding my bike to work!”

I’m curious to see what other looks I’ll get once I bust out of here at 5pm since I’ll be carrying my bike on my shoulder as I go down the stairs….heck I should just ride it down!

Trip Update 2

Being a bike fanatic, I always check out the ‘cycling scene’ everywhere I go. I was a little let down by Arvada’s lack of bike lanes and narrow streets. I didn’t see that many commuters around where I was staying. I did however take my daughters and nieces to a near by lake on the CoPilot. Man, it was freaking hot!!

We also visited the WOW Museum in Lafayette. Check out the bike rack in front of the Museum:

I’ve read that Boulder CO is the best city to ride in the US, that’s probably why I saw a lot riders, a lot of bikes and a lot of bike racks in Downtown Boulder.

We also encountered a couple of signs that kind of baffled me:

My family and I had a great time in Colorado, special thanks to my Brother-in-law and his family for their hospitality.

Another cool blog

Check out this new blog: http://thevelorution.blogspot.com/. This dude has committed himself to riding his bike to work for the month of August. Unfortunately he doesn’t have comments enabled, but I would like to wish him good luck and hope he continues riding after August.

Yet another buffoon..

I read Russ Roca’s Blog regularly, today he had a post about a buffoon hating on bike commuters.

Here’s a little preview:

I’d like to continue on the cycling tack and say a few words about cyclists: I hate them

Click here to read his post.