My main commuter bike is my Redline 925, its a fixed. But I also have my Ibex/Xtracycle when I need to carry a big load.

I’ve come to the conclusion that I would rather commute on my fixed gear than my Xtracycle which in its core is a mountain bike.

Here’s why I’d rather ride a fixed gear bike than a 26″ mountain bike:

1. Mountain bikes are heavier.
The Ibex/Xtracycle is about 40lbs all together.

2. Mountain bikes are slower
The gear ratio on it isn’t mean for me to get some fast speeds. Smaller wheels, 26″ vs 700c…26 would lose. 700c wheels roll faster and smoother.

3. Less clutter. My fixed gear has one cable coming out of the bar, thats for my front brake. My mountain bike has 4 cables, 2 shifters and 2 brake levers. Fixed gear bikes have less hassle to deal with when riding.

So for me, I’m sticking to my fixed gear as my main commuter.

What matters to you on a commuter bike?

To me, a commuter bike has to be reliable. I’m not too picky about how light it is nor about how good it looks. If a bike can get me to/from work without mechanical problems, I’m a happy rider.

So what matters to you? Say it on our new poll!!

Trip Update

Fruita, CO

As most of you know, I took a little time off to go visit my brother-in-law and his family in Arvada, CO. I also stayed in Fruita, CO. I had heard many stories of awesome Mountain Biking that I decided to give it a go. I wasn’t disappointed at all, I just wished I had more time to explore the other trails. If you like Mountain Biking, I highly recommend you check out Fruita for some high desert riding.

We took Highway 70 all the way from Utah to Denver, the scenery was breath taking in parts of Arizona, Utah and Colorado.

We stopped at Glenwood Springs to stretch out our legs, here I found a bike way that goes for about 15 miles along the Colorado River, it is my list to check out whenever I go back to Colorado.

As we were getting close to Vail, I spotted another bikeway along the freeway, correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe this is the “Blue River Bike Way” which connects to the Tenmile Vail/Canyon pass.

We were soy impressed with the scenery that my wife and I have agreed to go back to Glenwood Springs and Grand Junction for a family trip. I will post another update with pictures from Arvada, Lafayette and Boulder CO. Stay tuned!

PARIS – This year’s Tour de France may have been ruined by doping scandals but a new city bike scheme has ensured two-wheeled transport has rarely been more popular on the streets of the French capital.

The “Velib” — short for “free bike” — program launched in Paris this month has been a runaway success for Mayor Bertrand Delanoe, allowing thousands of Parisians and visitors to leave their cars at home to pedal to work or to the shops.

Similar systems exist in other European countries, as city administrations struggle to ease both traffic gridlock and air pollution, but the French capital has the most ambitious scheme.

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