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Bicycle Fixation Wool Knickers Review

The great folks from Bicycle Fixation sent us their Wool Knickers to review.

Here are the quick details:

Our elegant, bicycle-friendly knickers are made in Los Angeles in a fair-wage factory from 100% wool gabardine, and will be the most comfortable clothes you own. They have been tested in temperatures from close to 20°F to over 95°F, in rush hour, over mountain passes, on Critical Mass, in the office, and at restaurants and malls, and they have proven themselves every time. Using local materials and labor when they are available reduces transport impacts on the planet.

Although the fabric feels light, our testers in Minnesota and Illinois have reported that they are comfortable in temperatures down to just over 20°F, and we have ourselves tested them in heat up to nearly 100°F. The wool transpires sweat better than synthetic so-called “wicking” materials, rarely (so far, for us, never) shows sweat-spotting, and does not hold body odors–you can wear these for several days of riding before you need to clean them.

Retail Price: $99.00

Let me being by saying the Knickers are not my style, I prefer to ride with Hoss MTB shorts to work. I rode with the knickers on cool mornings and on hot afternoons. The knickers were most comfortable during the mornings, I really liked that my knees were shielded from the cool air. On the afternoons, well, I did get hot. However, I did find that the fabric absorbed my sweat and it was somewhat breathable.

Thumbs Up:The quality of the fabric and the workmanship is top notch. The knickers are also super comfortable, there was no itching, and the knickers didn’t ride up my butt. The price of the knickers is very competitive as well.

Thumbs Down: I personally didn’t care for the burgundy satin cut out on the bottom of the legs.

Bottom Line: If wool knickers are your style, check out Bicycle Fixation’s wool knickers, you won’t be disappointed.

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Fixie Friday: Contest

Answer this 3 part question correctly and I will send you a “Gas Sucks, Ride a Bike” Poster courtesy of KHS Bicycles.

In what city did Eddy Merckx set The Hour record?
What was the record time?
What bike was he riding?

Email me the correct answers, sorry, but members of the network are not eligible.

I will announce the winner or 8-13-2007.

You can take this job and…

Well today is my last day at my job. I had already started my new job last week but decided to hang out any the one I’m leaving today to fulfill my 2 weeks notice. If any of you remember, the job I’m leaving is the one where I had to get up aty 1:30 in the morning, and is about 23 miles away from home.

My new job, I work 9-5 with a free lunch (boss takes me out everyday) and its only 4 miles from my home. Yeah the commute isn’t as far as my previous job, but it feels really good to be able to get back on the bike during normal hours.

Is bike commuting not cool to kids anymore?

Man that title made me feel old…Back in the day, riding bikes was the coolest thing you can do. Well at least until you got your driver’s license. But for the most part almost everyone I knew growing up rode bikes everywhere. My friend and I would ride our bikes from one town to another just to go visit people or to go fishing. We’d use our bikes to go to the store to buy chips, soda and candies. We used bikes to go anywhere we wanted.

Now I’m starting to notice less and less kids on bikes. At my kid’s school, the bike racks can host up to 2 dozen bikes, but on any given school day, we’d only see about 3-4 and 2 of them are my kid’s bikes.

Perhaps its all the rage to hop in the family Hummer or SUV and drive down the street, or maybe kids are lazier than ever? I even had this theory, could it be that the same people that rode their bikes when they were kids grew up hating having to ride bikes everywhere, and now they would just rather get into their car just so they don’t have to put much effort in. Then they are in return instilling that same mentality into their kids…

What ever it is, kids commuting is a past time that is not as cool as it used to be. Dang man, just watch that movie RAD Racer…those guys rode bikes everywhere and they were cool.

Anyhow, rant over.

With $517,000 Grant, Campaign Aims To Encourage Bike-Riding to School

This is a great article. Talks about how a grant is going to help encourage kids to ride their bikes to school as well as educate them on the how to do it right. Another great thing about this grant is that a large portion of the money will go towards improving infrastructure which include, bike racks, safer streets and intersections.

Bike riding was something that Sherly Poma, 14, avoided for a long time after a childhood accident left her with a scraped knee, but you wouldn’t know it watching her confidently biking around the parking lot at Alexandria’s Minnie Howard School earlier this month.

Poma and her classmates were doing riding drills as part of a program designed to encourage kids to bike for exercise. The message got through to Poma; this fall she will start biking to T.C. Williams High School.

“I found out that I like biking,” Poma said, adding that she has no intention of giving up two-wheeled transportation when she gets her driver’s license. “I like biking. I like the rush.”

Read it HERE.