Bike Your Drive!

Fixed Gear Friday winner

David Byrd from Boise, Idaho answered the questions correctly and is the winner of the “Gas Sucks, Ride a bike” poster courtesy of KHS Bicycles. Thanks to everyone that participated.


Image from The Dutch Bicycle Company

I got my first issue of the Practical Pedal and read an article about these Cargo Bikes. At almost 3 grand, they are not cheap but I can see the practicality of them. Having the kids in front is an awesome idea, and the cargo space is huge.

Developed in Holland and imported to the U.S. by the Dutch Bicycle Company (and sold through dealers such as Clever Cycles,) the Bakfiets is the bicycle equivalent of a minivan. But this Dutch invasion is just the first wave. Several U.S. manufacturers make, or plan to make, Bakfietsen of their own.

Source: The Practical Pedal

Can this bike be the next SUV?

Fixed Gear Friday!

Hey boys and girls, well its our favorite day of the week! Fixed Gear Friday! Yay!

For today’s installment of Fixed Gear Friday, I wanted to share some beautiful pictures of my morning commute. This is Craig Regional Park located in Brea,Ca. Here’s a little bridge I cross every time I ride to work. Fixed Gear Friday wouldn’t be complete without a picture of my fixed gear bike!

Here’s a beautiful bird, mmm doesn’t he look yummy!

This is a stream where you can catch crawdads in!

Don’t forget to enter our Fixed Gear Friday contest, or as Moe called it “Fixie Friday”. Read the question carefully, he is being sneaky!

Well that’s it for now, stay tuned next week when we bring you another posting about Fixed Gear Fridays!

Biking The Next Smart Way to Travel

BOULDER, CO (BRAIN)–Seven percent of the U.S. population rides a bike to work an average of two times a week, according to a recent study by Leisure Trends Group. The study also found that one of every three American adults owns at least one bike.

“Bicycling could be the next smart way for affluent and eco-centric Americans to travel,? said Jim Spring, president of Leisure Trends Group. “The average price paid for a bike in 2006 was $285 compared to tens of thousands for an automobile. And the sport uses the perfect fuel: carbs and proteins. What is great about biking is that it is good for the air we breathe, good for our hearts and its carbon footprint is more like puppy paws than Big Foots. The demographic groups most avid about bicycling tend to be professionals or managers with incomes over $80,000 per year.?

The report, “Biking The Next Smart Way to Travel,? also found that most bikes are used for fun, exercise (health), exploration and adventure. The top five reasons Americans bike: it is good exercise (1), a sport for everyone (2), good for the environment (3), lots of fun (4) and a good way to lose weight (5).

According to Leisure Trends, for more Americans to adopt the bicycle as a means to get to work, or to improve their health and lose weight, bikes must be designed for older Americans (over 45), sellers must do a better job of assuring women they will not break down, and towns and cities have to become more bike-friendly.

Note: U.S. adult population refers to the American public, 16 years of age and older. -Lynette Carpiet