Accidental Bike Commuter

My buddy Art got rear ended in the freeway a couple of weeks ago. He decided to start riding his Trek 4300 to work while his truck was getting fixed….

Redline 925 Long Term Review

People have been asking about a review on the Redline 925. I actually wrote one a while ago for another site. But here’s an update on how well the 925…

The New Poll

We have posted a new poll. We are interested to see how much commuters are willing to spend on a “commuter bike” (Fixie, Road, MTB, etc). Based on the answers,…

Bottom Bracket Removal

If you’re riding an older bike, you’ll most likely have an older style Bottom Bracket. Check out my “How To” on our other site, Bookmark It Hide Sites

Ten Commandments of Bicycle Commuters

Inspired by the recent post “Drivers’ Ten Commandments“, Moe and I came up with a set for bicycle commuters. Think of it as a revised, more irreverent version of the…