Would you give up your car for a day?

Our good friend Henry Hsieh gave me this heads up: Are you tired of paying high gas prices? Would you give up your car and use public transportation or a…

Would you buy this bike for $250?

Priscilla has this bike that we’ve been trying to sell. She won it on a contest and it barely has any miles on it…less than 10 to be exact. The…

PricePoint.com Likes Bike Commuters

I was on the PricePoint.com site and noticed that they have “Commuter Essentials!” You can find things like Crumpler Messenger Bags, Knog Lights, Kryptonite Locks, Nahtan Reflective products and more….

3.5 Days Left!!!

3 1/2 days left for KHS’s Special promotion for Bike Commuters. Just type in “RL is super cool” in the comments section when you check out and receive 10% off…

Accidental Bike Commuter

My buddy Art got rear ended in the freeway a couple of weeks ago. He decided to start riding his Trek 4300 to work while his truck was getting fixed….