Bike Your Drive!

Fixed Gear Friday…and a mountain bike

Typically we’ll post something that is fixed gear related and have some fun with it. Today’s fixed gear Friday is a bit different.

I started a new kick ass job with a Real Estate Investment company 5 miles from my home. So that meant commuting here was a no brainer. Yesterday was my first time riding to work. I brought my fixed gear bike. Since this building doesn’t have any bike racks, I decided to bring in my bike and store it in one of our offices.

Here’s an obligatory shot of me in the office wearing my Hoss MTB Knickers.

I live in a city where they take biking seriously. With that in mind check out how wide this bike lane is. It’s the same width as the car lane!

Ok so you’re wondering what the words “mountain bike” is doing with the title. Well just to let you all know, I do love mountain bikes…heck we run a mountain biking site! But I don’t love them for commuting. I decided to take one for the team and dedicated my commute this morning to our homie Noah. This ride’s for your buddy!

I took my super heavy trail bike, the Woodstock 707 equipped with Tag Wheels to work this morning. If you haven’t already figured it all out, my fixed gear photos were from Thursday.

With that said, don’t say I never liked mountain bikes…its just they are not my favorite to commute with.

By the way, I have a great commute, I go through some wide bike lanes, 2 parks and barely have to deal with idiot drivers.

NuVinci Hub Update

NuVinci Hub

I had a little issue with my bottom bracket on my Ibex B-27R so it was out of commission for a little while. I got a new sealed cartridge BB, but the problem was that it was a little short so that forced me to go to a smaller front ring (a 36T, I believe). I also changed my route to a more hilly one, I wanted to see how well the hub would perform under the stress of going uphill. Although my new front ring took a little bit of the ‘top end’, it worked beautifully on the hills. I was spinning effortlessly while ‘dialing in’ my desired gearing. I totally dig the NuVinci hub, the weight trade off is totally worth it.

Why you looking at me like that?

I just got this new job, its about 5 miles away from home and today was my first day riding my bike to the office. After I got here I put my bike away and went to the rest room to wash up and change. While I was soaping up my face, head and arms, some dude that was taking a dump comes out of the stall and while he’s washing his hands he gives me this mean look…

I figured since he’s never seen me before and wondered why I was taking a bath in the sink. So he kept looking at me funny, until I finally said, “Good Morning!” That broke his scowl for a few seconds but he still kept looking at me as if I was some homeless guy that was eating out of the trash. As I finished washing and got changed, I started to smile and said to myself, “Look all you want sucker, I didn’t’ waste any gas riding my bike to work!”

I’m curious to see what other looks I’ll get once I bust out of here at 5pm since I’ll be carrying my bike on my shoulder as I go down the stairs….heck I should just ride it down!

Trip Update 2

Being a bike fanatic, I always check out the ‘cycling scene’ everywhere I go. I was a little let down by Arvada’s lack of bike lanes and narrow streets. I didn’t see that many commuters around where I was staying. I did however take my daughters and nieces to a near by lake on the CoPilot. Man, it was freaking hot!!

We also visited the WOW Museum in Lafayette. Check out the bike rack in front of the Museum:

I’ve read that Boulder CO is the best city to ride in the US, that’s probably why I saw a lot riders, a lot of bikes and a lot of bike racks in Downtown Boulder.

We also encountered a couple of signs that kind of baffled me:

My family and I had a great time in Colorado, special thanks to my Brother-in-law and his family for their hospitality.