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Yet another buffoon..

I read Russ Roca’s Blog regularly, today he had a post about a buffoon hating on bike commuters.

Here’s a little preview:

I’d like to continue on the cycling tack and say a few words about cyclists: I hate them

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Why a fixed gear is better than a mountain bike for commuting

My main commuter bike is my Redline 925, its a fixed. But I also have my Ibex/Xtracycle when I need to carry a big load.

I’ve come to the conclusion that I would rather commute on my fixed gear than my Xtracycle which in its core is a mountain bike.

Here’s why I’d rather ride a fixed gear bike than a 26″ mountain bike:

1. Mountain bikes are heavier.
The Ibex/Xtracycle is about 40lbs all together.

2. Mountain bikes are slower
The gear ratio on it isn’t mean for me to get some fast speeds. Smaller wheels, 26″ vs 700c…26 would lose. 700c wheels roll faster and smoother.

3. Less clutter. My fixed gear has one cable coming out of the bar, thats for my front brake. My mountain bike has 4 cables, 2 shifters and 2 brake levers. Fixed gear bikes have less hassle to deal with when riding.

So for me, I’m sticking to my fixed gear as my main commuter.

What matters to you on a commuter bike?

To me, a commuter bike has to be reliable. I’m not too picky about how light it is nor about how good it looks. If a bike can get me to/from work without mechanical problems, I’m a happy rider.

So what matters to you? Say it on our new poll!!