Bike Your Drive!

Vintage Benotto Modelo 800

This is my most recent vintage acquisition, its a Benotto Modelo 800.

I have this special agreement with one of the local bike shops that if anyone of their customers do not want their bike, then they call me to take it off their hands.

The paint is like a pearl white, super pretty. But the bike has seen some wear and tear. Check out the lugs on this…

It comes with Corso Brakes and levers, the headset is stamped with Benotto.

Check out the BB, its a heart! Correct me if I’m wrong, but back in the day, they used to make these cut outs so you can see if your BB needed maintenance. They don’t make bikes like that anymore, so when I saw this, I was really excited about it.

The bike it self is small, I’m guessing its a 50cm or something like that. Which means its perfect for Priscilla’s petite self. We’re not quite sure which route this bike will take. I’m playing with the idea of it becoming a SS or fixie convert. Or keeping it as a regular road bike. I do know this, it’s going to need a new wheelset.

Banjo Brothers Pocket Messenger Bag

A while back Banjo Brothers sent me this Pocket Messenger Bag. I’ve since renamed it my “MAN BAG” since I use it like a…uh…purse. Yup I carry my wallet, keys, phone and other things I may need. It’s pretty light too and far more comfortable than having things in my pocket.

Here’s how I normally wear my Man Bag.

I can stuff all of this into the bag. By the way, that’s a 1.5 L bottle of Yellow Tail…and it’s pretty heavy.


Check this out, you can roll it up, put it in your pocket, seat bag or where ever. Then when you need it, just unroll it and you’ve got something to carry your six pack.

I really like my Banjo Brothers Pocket Messenger Bag, I take it to work, the grocery store or where ever.

Mandatory Tour De France Post 2

Do you guys remember my mandatory Tour de France Post? We got crap for being a “little” cynical about professional riders being cheats. Well, it looks like shit hit the fan again. Today’s news involves Alexandre Vinokourov and the whole Astana team. It seems that Vino has joined the legion of cheating, doping dumb asses that got caught. Sad thing is that not only has Vino screwed himself, but also his whole team that includes 5th place Kloden. Now we just have to wait and see if Rasmussen is clean too.

Nirve Introduces a New Bike

Got word from our friends at Nirve Bicycles about a brand new bike!

The brand new Nirve N-107 Night Owl debuted late last
month. This is totally new take on the cruiser – lightweight alloy frame,
three-piece crank, freewheel, Liner pull brakes, BMX handle bar, military
themed graphics on a stealth blue frame. Comes in single speed or Shimano
3-speed twist shifter.

We feel that this bike goes specifically after a young cruising audience
that wants to be a bit more aggressive with their bike. And of course,
everybody who wants to be cool.

Check it out on – first bike under classic series.

Here’s the specs on the one speed.

N-107 Night Owl 1 Speed

# Nirve proprietary Galaxie™ Alloy frameSingle speed
# Linear Pull Brakes
# Nirve Classic double spring saddle
# Quick-Adjust seat clamp
# Aluminum wheels w/stainless steel spokes
# Alloy crank
# Nirve grips in soft Kraton rubber
# Nirve 26” Enduro tread tires
# Welded Cartridge Kickstand