Bike Your Drive!

If it could save a life, why not tell more people about it?

A few months ago I contacted a company that produced a product that could literally save a bike commuter’s life. This device has helped millions of people world wide. But this company made it better. Their product is nothing else that I’ve seen before and that’s what drew me to them.

I spoke to the owner for about 1/2 an hour on my cell phone, he asked me what the site was all about and why we wanted to review their product. I simply put it, if I am still alive to write a review, then this item served its intended purpose. If not…well, it failed.

He went on and on about how great their product is compared to the hundreds of other companies that make a similar device. However, their item was a bit extraordinary, and that’s why I wanted to test it.

He then tells me that they do very little advertising and reviews because he didn’t feel that reviews would give their product a fair evaluation. Their item is about 5 times more expensive than the average item that fits closest to their specs, but I’ve seen their stuff and if you’ve seen it too, you’d drop the money to get it.

In my opinion, their item could literally save bike commuter’s lives on the road. But, what disappointed me was this…towards the end of the conversation I had felt that we had come to an agreement and explained our review process and such. But as we said our good byes, I realized that this guy was just pulling my leg. Sure enough, about a month later, he still hasn’t returned my emails or phone calls.

It really is a shame since his product is pretty cool. Sure you’re wondering what is this great item that could save lives and why am I not telling you about it. Well here it is.

It’s a light system.

As to why this guy didn’t want us to review his product and get free exposure on our site and have over 1000 unique visitors a day see his item…dunno to be honest with you. I figure he must have felt that his company and its products were either too good for us or he was afraid we’d find a flaw in it. What ever it is, its a shame.

So to make sure our readers are safe, here are some companies that we’ve dealt and have some awesome products for bike commuters.

Down Low Glow
Nite Rider

If you want to make your own head light, check this out. Our friend Mike made it and he posted it on Instructables.

Riding a fixie for the first time

I don’t consider myself a Fixed Gear Rider expert, but I want to share some of my first time experiences riding a Fixed Gear bike to work.

The first Fixed Gear I ever ridden was a Bianchi Pista that belonged to Steve Boehmke, at that moment I knew I had to have one. Last November I received a Raleigh One Way to review for a previous site that I used write for, although it was a little big, I decided to ride it to work fixed gear style. Here’s what I quickly learned that nobody told me:

*Be mindful while turning. There’s no coasting thru the turns, so if you lean too much, your pedals may scrape causing you to fall.

*Use your brake to slow down on the downhills, if you don’t the super high cadence will cause you to bounce up and down or your feet will fly off the pedals making you look a little goofy.

*Be mindful of your pedal position when stopping, if your pedals are not in the position that you are used to while re-starting, you will have to push the bike or do a rolling start until your feet catch up with the pedals. This is not easily done while riding in traffic.

*Keep in mind that there is NO coasting, a habit that is really hard to break. If you forget, (and I guarantee that you will) the shock to your legs will not be pleasant.

Swobo Sanchez

After a few miles of riding you will get the hang of it, you will either hate it or love it. If you hate it, don’t give up, riding a fixed gear bike is fun and it will improve your endurance and riding form.

Liquor Run Part II

One problem with doing any run…especially a liquor run is bringing the stuff back home. Rather than getting my Xtracycle out, I opted for the Banjo Brothers Commuter Back Pack.

Here’s how the back pack looked after we stuffed it with all the goodies. This was pretty heavy!

Here’s all the stuff that was in side it.

3-2 liter bottles of soda
2 large cans of pineapple juice
1 bottle of coconut rum
1 bottle of Captain Morgan Private Stock
and 1 bag of ice

Yup, all that was in the back pack. I also mentioned that this thing was super heavy. If I wasn’t careful, I could have tipped easily over.

So cheers to the Banjo Brothers Back Pack for carrying all the goods!

Liquor Run, Bike Commuter Style

On Saturday after my kids’ birthday party. My brother Randy, My brother in-law Dave and Moe decided to ride our bikes to do a liquor run.

I busted out the KHS Tandemania and demonstrated my smooth skillz by riding it solo, from the back.

Here’s Moe doing his skid stops with the Swobo Sanchez.

Randy and I challenged Moe to a race. Moe was to our right. We let Moe win because we knew it would make him feel really good about himself. 🙂

In the next posting I’ll be doing I’ll show you all the great stuff we came back with. If hadn’t noticed, I’m wearing the Banjo Brothers Commuter Back Pack. I’ll demonstrate how versatile this back pack really is! Stick around.