Make Your Own Bicycle Themed Shirt!

This one is pretty easy to do. First grab a dark colored shirt. In fact, use black since it will turn out better. I used this brownish grey shirt as a sample. Then grab an old chain ring.

Then fill up a small spay bottle with bleach and lay down the chain ring in the center of the shirt, afterwards, SPRAY!

Just make sure you spray evenly and make it look neat. Once you’re down spraying it down, carefully remove the chainring, making sure you don’t drip any of the bleach onto the rest of the shirt. You’ll notices that you all ready have a cool pattern stenciled out.

Here’s how it looks once it has dried out.

A closer look, cool huh? Now go wear it and show people that you dig bikes!

The other day, I got a package in the mail from Dynamic Bicycles. Hmm…what is it?

Look what came in the mail!

The good folks at Dynamic offered their “Crosstown 7” commuter bike to us for testing. In many respects, it is like so many other commuter-oriented bicycles on the market — aluminum frame, mounting points for fenders and rear rack, upright riding position. Where this bike differs, however, is how power gets from the pedals to the rear hub. This bike uses a very clever and deceptively simple shaft-drive. Yeah, that’s right — no greasy chain, no chainrings to chew up your pants. In fact, Dynamic takes things a step further by mounting the shaft-drive to a Shimano Nexus Inter-7 internal hub. So, no derailleurs either!

Here’s how the bike looks once removed from the packaging and assembled (a process that takes all of 10 minutes):
The assembled bike -- do you notice what's missing from this picture?

Here’s some of the specs, straight from the manufacturer’s website:

    7005 Aluminum Frame, butted for light weight
    Aluminum front fork
    Alex DA-16 High Profile Alloy Rims (28-38C tires)
    Kenda EuroTour Tires, 700x35C, 50-85psi
    Dynamic Street Shaft Drive
    Shimano Nexus Inter-7 Gearing, All-internal (17-gear range)
    Shimano Nexus 7-speed Twist Grip Shift
    Tektro Quartz alloy brakes; front disc brake optional
    Tektro 2-finger Alloy brake levers
    Base price: $679.00

Shaft-driven bicycles have been around for over 100 years, but most were plagued by problems with complexity and durability. Not so for this bike — Dynamic’s shaft-drive assembly, manufactured for them by Sussex, appears in every way to be rugged, well-sealed from the elements and elegantly simple, both inside and out. Here is a picture of the shaft-drive as mounted on the bicycle:
The shaft drive assembly, mounted to a Nexus internal hub.

Over the next two or three weeks, I will be riding this bicycle exclusively both for my work commute and for my recreational rides. Stay tuned for a full-length review. In the meantime, check out Dynamic’s excellent “FAQ” page. Also, check out their supercool Java-based animation of the shaft drive assembly in action!

My assumption that the reason why the Swobo Sanchez does not have water bottle bosses is because of the ‘Track Style’ that the bike tries to achieve. Since my Deuter Backpack does not have enough room for my non-casual friday stuff, I decided to install a water bottle holder on my handlebars.

To hell with style, being hydrated under 90 degree heat really beats looking cool.

Fellow rider hit by a car on purpose

We received this email from Jay Jordan:

I read Bike Commuters several times a day and love it–that’s why I wanted to let you guys know about a hit and run (deliberate) on a road cyclist here in Salt Lake. His name is Marty Kasteler; you can find local stories in mainstream media and at our SLC Bicycle Collective online (just Google the name). The driver of the truck who pulled into a parking lot to run over Marty after Marty tapped on the truck to let him know he was there hasn’t been caught yet. Marty is in ICU at a local hospital.

Granted, the jury is out on whether cyclists should tap cars/trucks who seem to ignore them or cut them off, but there’s never an excuse for this.

Friends have started a fund for him–see Since commuters deal with traffic everyday, I thought your blog would be a good place to raise awareness about this incident and about bike-car/truck relations generally.

Thanks for all the work you and the other guys do,

It really makes my blood boil when I read news such as this one, what is it about people that think that cars are more precious than life?