RL posted an excellent tip on our Mountain Bike Site. He used a pipe cutter to cut the steerer of a fork. I used my smaller pipe cutter to cut the handlebars of my Swobo Sanchez.

The pipe cutters cut straight and they are usually about 10 bucks for the big one, that’s money well spent.

Would you give up your car for a day?

Our good friend Henry Hsieh gave me this heads up:

Are you tired of paying high gas prices? Would you give up your car and use public transportation or a bicycle for a day?

ABC7 is looking for a Southern California commuter willing to give up his or her car and use public transportation (buses, trains or subways), even a bicycle, to go to work, the grocery store, the doctor, or just out on errands.

We’re looking for someone to take part in a story for Eyewitness News. If you’re willing to give up your car, SUV, or minivan and see if you can get through the day without your wheels, fill out the form below to send us an e-mail. We’d love to hear from you.

For most of us this is a piece of cake, but some of us are camera shy. If you are not camera shy and want to be famous, sign up here! (And if you give us a plug, we’ll make sure we take care of you)

Would you buy this bike for $250?

Priscilla has this bike that we’ve been trying to sell. She won it on a contest and it barely has any miles on it…less than 10 to be exact. The bike retails for about $580 and we’re selling it way cheap. But for some reason, no takers.

Here’s the specs:

Giant’s Women’s Cypress EX has classic styling and top-notch components! Its agile aluminum frame and easy-rolling 700c wheels make getting up to speed easy, the 7-speed drivetrain flattens the hills, and the linear-pull brakes deliver excellent stopping power. Best, the EX is luxuriously comfortable with an upright riding position, a suspension fork and seatpost to smooth rough roads and trails, and a really nice saddle.

So if you could, let me me know why you would or wouldn’t buy this bike…it is a perfect commuter.

PricePoint.com Likes Bike Commuters

I was on the PricePoint.com site and noticed that they have “Commuter Essentials!”

You can find things like Crumpler Messenger Bags, Knog Lights, Kryptonite Locks, Nahtan Reflective products and more.

Here’s what caught my attention, a Sette Quest Messenger Bag…for $24.98!

Here’s the specs:

Sette Quest Messenger Bag
Quench Your Thirst For Adventure

A valuable accessory for anyone who uses their bike for transportation. The Sette Quest Messenger Bag will safely carry your valuables while you ride your bike. The Quest features a classic messenger design with an oversized shoulder strap that features a quick adjust buckle for easy adjustments. Its durable nylon design is not only tough but is also water proof, giving you a little piece of mind that your valuables will be well protected when the weather turns bad. The inside features a large padded pocket with Velcro enclosure along with two smaller pockets perfect for keeping the contents of your bag nice and secure while you navigate your way through the concrete jungle.

Dimension: H-13? x L-16? x W-6.5?

Material: Nylon

Color: Black/ Grey

Pockets: 4 Internal, 5 External