Bike Your Drive!

What is a Bike Commuter?

Some people are under the assumption that a “bike commuter” is some one that rides their bike to and from work.

But what if you don’t ride your bike just to work and back? What about when you go to the store, head down to the coffee shop or out to get some dinner?

In my opinion, you’re a “bike commuter” when ever you get on your bike. Whether it’s going to school, to your buddy’s house or anywhere. You’re a bike commuter.

So if you’re a reader that lurks and doesn’t comment because you feel like you’re not a real bike commuter…think again. Just remember, anytime you get on your bike…YOU ARE A BIKE COMMUTER!

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Cheap Date

Earlier this afternoon my wife Soraya and I went out for a ride around post. I just love going out for a ride with her.


It’s quality time spent together without spending a dime. For those of us broke suckers, you have to be resourceful on keeping your lady happy.


Soraya was having fun riding around the dirt. She found riding off road to be more accelerating specially going down hill. She enjoyed this more than riding on the road. With a little more persuasion I just might have found my new mountain biking partner.


Bike Sticker

The State of California issued a sticker to 20,000 Hybrid Vehicles giving them the privilege to drive solo in the carpool lanes. It’s freaking 97 degrees over here in Arvada, so I had some time to mess around with Photoshop. This would be my “Access to the whole lane sticker”

Bike Sticker

Bike your walk?

Took this picture in Glenwood Springs:

I’m very impressed with Colorado’s cyclist friendly infrastructure. I will post an article on that later. I’m on vacation after all!