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Mandatory Tour De France Post 2

Do you guys remember my mandatory Tour de France Post? We got crap for being a “little” cynical about professional riders being cheats. Well, it looks like shit hit the fan again. Today’s news involves Alexandre Vinokourov and the whole Astana team. It seems that Vino has joined the legion of cheating, doping dumb asses that got caught. Sad thing is that not only has Vino screwed himself, but also his whole team that includes 5th place Kloden. Now we just have to wait and see if Rasmussen is clean too.

Nirve Introduces a New Bike

Got word from our friends at Nirve Bicycles about a brand new bike!

The brand new Nirve N-107 Night Owl debuted late last
month. This is totally new take on the cruiser – lightweight alloy frame,
three-piece crank, freewheel, Liner pull brakes, BMX handle bar, military
themed graphics on a stealth blue frame. Comes in single speed or Shimano
3-speed twist shifter.

We feel that this bike goes specifically after a young cruising audience
that wants to be a bit more aggressive with their bike. And of course,
everybody who wants to be cool.

Check it out on – first bike under classic series.

Here’s the specs on the one speed.

N-107 Night Owl 1 Speed

# Nirve proprietary Galaxie™ Alloy frameSingle speed
# Linear Pull Brakes
# Nirve Classic double spring saddle
# Quick-Adjust seat clamp
# Aluminum wheels w/stainless steel spokes
# Alloy crank
# Nirve grips in soft Kraton rubber
# Nirve 26” Enduro tread tires
# Welded Cartridge Kickstand


I got some news from Bicycle Fixation about their new HEMP Knickers…no you can’t get high off a pair of knickers…

Bicycle Fixation announces the release of their new Hemp City Knickers, the perfect casual yet elegant knicker for bicycle commuters, fixie punks, coffeehouse collectors, and other daily riders. Being car-free or car-lite doens’t have to mean inevitable confinement in spandex, baggy shorts, or rolled-up jeans. Be comfortable, practical, and slick in our four-pocket hemp-blend cycling knickers, casual counterparts to our celebrated Classic Wool Knickers that were recently praised by the New York Times fashion section!

Sturdy, environmentally-friendly hemp is blended with lyocell (a synthetic made by running waste wood through a recycled solvent) to give a tough yet comfortable three-season cloth with a beautiful drape. Adjustment tabs and elastic at the waist allow for seasonal waistline changes, and a clever pouch in the right pocket holds your cell phone, Jethro Tule, Powerbar, or whatever. Removable drawstrings at the hems let you cinch ’em up to keep the breeze out, or leave them open for that pirate-pants look! Dark olive color goes with almost anything you’ll wear on top.

Equally chic on women and men, on or off bike. Available now at

Unwanted Benefit

tan lines

There’s a long list of benefits that I receive from being a bike commuter. Becoming healthier, saving some dough, and helping the environment are just a couple of perks. But there is something I get from being a bike commuter that I definitely do not want. And that’s a nasty looking tan line. Do you have the same problem?

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