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Breaking in a Brooks Saddle.

Most of you read my post about my new Brooks B17 Saddle that I purchased for my Swobo Sanchez. One thing that I didn’t care for is the breaking in period, 3-6 months seems too long for me. It also may take me longer since the Swobo Sanchez is not my only ride, I have to constantly switch rides since I’m a bike tester. I was reading Sheldon Brown’s method of breaking in a leather saddle, the fast way:

The easiest and fastest method to break in a new saddle is with a liquid leather dressing, such as neatsfoot oil, Lexol, seal oil (a French favorite) or baseball glove oil.

You can just pour the oil on and rub it in by hand, or for a more drastic approach, you can actually soak the saddle. The easiest way to soak a saddle is to turn it upside-down on a sheet of aluminum foil, then form the foil up around the saddle for a snug fit. Pour in a whole 4 ounce can of Neatsfoot oil or whatever oil you prefer, and let the saddle soak for 30 minutes to an hour. Pour the remaining oil back into the can, and wipe the excess oil off with a rag or paper towel.

Does anyone else have any other methods to speed up the breaking in process?

Heading to Colorado

My family and I are heading to Colorado, Arvada to be exact. We will be visiting my wife’s brother and his family. We are planning to make it a cycling vacation as well with stops in Fruita, CO and Boulder, CO. I heard that Mountain Biking is awesome over there. So please make sure that you give RL, Randy and Ghost Rider hell in my absence.

Brooks Baby!

Brooks on the Swobo Sanchez

Yes, it’s fixed gear Friday!! Check out my new acquisition for my Swobo Sanchez:

A beautiful Brooks B17 Saddle:

Brooks on the Swobo Sanchez

I wanted to customize my Swobo Sanchez with a retro-modern look so I added the faux leather grips and the real leather saddle.

Brooks on the Swobo Sanchez

I also bought their care kit, it comes with a tension wrench, a nice polishing cloth and the proofide. According to the instructions, it takes 3-6 months for the saddle to break-in, but once it has broken-in, it should mold to my ass nicely.

Brooks on the Swobo Sanchez

The Swobo Sanchez is quickly becoming one of my favorite bikes, not because it’s so cool, but I really enjoy the ride.

Fixed Gear Friday Movie: Quicksilver

I just finished watching Quicksilver this morning…yes its about 5:28am right now and I have to tell you, I really liked this movie. Sure there were some inconsistencies with the whole fixed gear and freewheel. But for the most part I was impressed with Kevin Bacon’s fixed gear performance. From what I could tell he did most of the skid stopping, riding and even the occasional car chasing the bicycle scene.

Photo courtesy of Pedal Pushers Online

I really dig 80’s movies,especially the big hair, skinny ties and fun fashion. Anyhow, check out this movie this evening. I rented mine through Blockbuster .

I totally forgot to mention that the first scene where Kevin Bacon is in the cab and they’re chasing the messenger, well that bike that the messenger was riding was exactly like my first road bike, a Raleigh Grand Prix! Same color and everything.