Bike Your Drive!

I’ve done good…

I received a couple of encouraging emails from 2 of our readers. Both had mentioned that they just purchased a brand new Redline 925. I’m sure everyone here knows how much I love my 925 and because of my zeal, I helped influence these guys to get their own.

As a blogger, that’s the best feeling knowing that what I’ve said on the site has made some impact. Congrats to Lance and Drew on their new 925’s. Now go for a ride!

Sideline bike lane emiting light system

Wouldn’t it be awesome if vehicle drivers were alert to the amount of space you and your bicycle need to safely pass you and to make commuting in densely populated, urban areas more comfortable? What if every road you pedaled on had a clearly marked, visible bike lane to get you to your destination? Aside from pre-riding your commuting route with a can of white spray paint or waiting for the government to paint bike lanes, it’s pretty much up to the rider to make yourself visible. What if you could create a bike lane that moved with you and solved the problems above, while turning more people on to using bikes as transportation?

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