Bike Your Drive!

Sidewall Repair

From time to time you’ll end up cutting your sidewall causing your tube to bulge out and eventually pop.

If you have newer tires and hate to throw them out just because of a small cut, then the best thing to do is repair it. Here’s how…

Take your patch kit, sand the inside down…not too much, but enough to score the surface.

Place enough glue in the tire.

Install the patch.

Run some glue on the outside.

Let everything dry out before installing, and that’s it! You’re ready to roll!

“we don’t recommend this as a permanent fix, but it can get you home”

More Bicycle Film Festival Photos

As Moe mentioned, we headed out to Hollywood Ca. to go watch a movie called Klunkerz. Lucky for Priscilla and I Jeremy drove. I hate driving through and in LA, its no fun.

Here we are goofing around in the back seat of Jeremy’s car. That’s my version of a “west side” sign…

Check it out, its the famous landmark building, Capitol Records.

When we got to the theatre, there was a long line of people waiting to get in, and tons of bikes, majority of them were fixies.

I forgot what this one was called, but it was a beauty!

Here’s my man crush, Gary Fisher, which by the way was part of the movie we saw and the so called “grand father of mountain bikes”

After the show, we walked around Hollywood Blvd and saw various stars on the walk of fame, here’s one that everyone should recognize.

Then we found this dive place for some Mexican food. Service was horrible, but food was great!

We had a great time that evening, learned quite a bit about the whole history of mountain biking. We saw a few of our friends there too, like Lou Mazzante of Bike Magazine, Mark of Hoss Technical Gear, Steve Bhoemke and some of the locals of the Fullerton Loop.

So for next year’s Bicycle Film Fesitval, you know we’ll be there!

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Joe Breeze has been stalking me

A couple of weeks ago my wife hands me a magazine that her co-worker gave her so I can read an article about bikes. The magazine is Spirit Magazine and the article was about Joe Breeze. I read the article and I told my wife that Breezer bikes are very nice bikes.

Joe Breeze

Joe Breeze was at the Bicycle Film Festival on Saturday as well. Although I didn’t meet him, it was cool to see him in person.

Breezer Villager

Being a bike addict, I subscribe to CraigsList’s Bikes for sale RSS feed. Alas, a Breezer pops up for $200 bucks. The details were sketchy so I emailed the seller a few questions like the model, year and the size. Well, it happens to be a 17″ 2006 Breezer Villager. PERFECT!!! I contacted the seller and I headed over to her house to pick it up right after work.

Breezer Villager

Coincidence???? I think not….

Money Shot

Most of you that ride mountain bikes may recognize the person next to me. Yep, that’s Gary Fisher. I’ve known Gary to be a mountain biker, but I learned that he used to be a road racer and a cyclocross racer before his mountain biking days. We were able to catch the docu-movie “Klunkerz” at the Bicycle Film Festival, it was interesting to learn that mountain bikes were born from single speed cruisers that were bastardized to go off road.

We had a good time at the Film Festival, unfortunately we were only able to catch one film. Billy Savage made an interesting comment, he said that it was nice to see how old bikes are being resurrected in the form of Fixies and are used as a method of transportation. Maybe a documentary is in the works??