L.A. Times Runs Feature on Low-Maintenance Bikes

JUNE 06, 2007 — LOS ANGELES, CA (BRAIN)–Monday’s Los Angeles Times featured a prominent, full-color story examining how some bike companies are trying to win over non-cyclists with low-maintenance bikes….

MASH SF World Premiere on June 9, 2007

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I’d Wear It

So I’m really digging these things called Utilikilts. Yeah I know I’m not Scottish nor do a I play a bag pipe (no gay jokes!), but this thing really caught…

Cars and bicycles shouldn’t compete

I saw this article on the OC Register by this dude: GORDON DILLOW Register columnist GLDillow@aol.com Check out what he wrote: And whose fault is that? Stats on that are…

Bikes and Poo Don’t Mix

Check out what our staff writer Jeremy over at MtnBikeRiders.com went through just the other day…