Bike Your Drive!

Little Vintage Commuters

My girls love to ride their bikes. They have developed the same love as I posses for vintage bikes.

Alyssa owns an mid 80’s Univega with 700c tires. I installed some planet bike fenders, jelly grips and some Kenda tires. I had to cut down her bars about 3 inches total to make it more comfy for her. Breanna is riding the 30 year old Freespirit Brittany. It’s a sweet bike! Everything is original on this bike. Which means I’ve got my work cut out for me in getting this one fully restored. She’ll need new cables, housing, and brake pads.

Here’s a closer look of the bikes.

Got any odd tools?

I know that many of our readers do their own bicycle maintenance and repair, and I am sure a few of you have collected tools over the years.

If you feel like sharing, I would love it if you could email me photos of the really odd, obscure tools in your collections. If you are interested, try to keep the images under 2MB, provide a brief description and any related stories. You will receive FULL credit for your submissions!

Here are a couple of mine; from top to bottom they are a Campagnolo pedal dust cap and axle spanner, a Park Tool sidepull brake spring “tweaker”, and the legendary Maillard “Helicomatic” freewheel lockring remover/spoke wrench/bottle opener.
Some of my odd spanners

If the above email link doesn’t work, send pics to “ghostrider(at)bikecommuters(dot)com”.

I look forward to receiving your photos and stories!

New Toy

Got a new toy: a KMX Kart ST Class. I’ve been riding around the block with this interesting contraption and I get all sorts of looks and comments. Randy has actually commuted to work with the X-class. Me, I don’t want to become a tortilla. Check out how low the KMX Kart is in comparison to my Swobo Sanchez.


What would be the purpose of this Kart? I’ve noticed that I get a different kind of work out. The use of my quads is dramatically increased. This is important to me because strengthening my quads is part of my physical therapy to get rid of my patellofemoral syndrome ailment.




I’m planning to take it to the river trail one of these days, what can I say, I like being the center of attention.