Bike Your Drive!

Bike Sticker

The State of California issued a sticker to 20,000 Hybrid Vehicles giving them the privilege to drive solo in the carpool lanes. It’s freaking 97 degrees over here in Arvada, so I had some time to mess around with Photoshop. This would be my “Access to the whole lane sticker”

Bike Sticker

Bike your walk?

Took this picture in Glenwood Springs:

I’m very impressed with Colorado’s cyclist friendly infrastructure. I will post an article on that later. I’m on vacation after all!

Bike Commuting in the Sun

Since summer is starting to sizzle most of the country. I’d like to encourage everyone to use some sort of sun block to protect your skin.

Even though I’m pretty dark and hate wearing sun block…I’ll still put it on when its super sunny out there. I’ve heard of clothing that have some sort of UV blocking material…but I figured that might be too expensive.

But that picture above seems to have the right idea…