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I’m Movin’ on my scraper Bike…..don’t need a car cuz I gots me a scraper bike….

Hoss Ponderosa Knickers

Yesterday I came home to a package awaiting me. It told me to open it up!

Sho-nuff, It was the knickers that Hoss MTB promised me.

Yes I know I’m a bit to short for it, but heck, I’m not trying to win any best dressed contest here.

Um excuse me….but I feel your eyes on my butt…can you remove them? Thanks!
Hoss Knickers

I like these knickers because not only does it feel great to wear, but my sexy factor just went up a notch. I know, I didn’t think it was possible since I’m off the scale already. But back to the Knickers, super comfy, chamois padding is not too thick not too thin, just right. There’s plenty of pockets to stuff your wallet, keys, phone or your weed…jk!

For more info about the Hoss MTB Knickers, click HERE.

On our other site,, our Staff Writer, Jeremy Yang reviewed this shirt that can double as a jersey and be worn as a business casual shirt. Heck you don’t even have to change when you get back to work!

Here’s the shirt at work during a casual event.

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