Bike Your Drive!

Where are all the Bike Commuting Women at?

Ladies its your turn to be featured on our Commuter Profiles. We’ve had some great guys on the site sharing their story, but as we all know there are just as many women commuters out there. So don’t be shy and let us know if you’re interested in being featured. Heck if your married, you’ll get more respect from hubby, if you’re single, guys dig chicks who ride! If you’re gay…hey more power to you! We don’t discriminate, we got tons of love for everyone.

So if you’re interested just email us HERE.

Do Computer Guys Commute More?

I’m a computer guy, so is Moe. Ok for the folks that don’t like that connotation…we’ll change it to, “Information Technology Professional”

I don’t know what it is, but I found that there are more people commuting who are IT professionals than any other profession.

Personally I work in IT and my degree is IT, Moe works as a some sort of programming master for his company, Eric Smith is in IT, So Noah.

So what gives? No CEO or CFO Controller commutes? I do know this, professional photographers do commute because Russ Roca and Nick James do!

Where the hell are the bike racks??!

Lizzy (my 6 year old and avid cyclist) and I rode out tandem to Jack in the Box for lunch. When we arrived we noticed that 2 bikes were tied to a couple of poles… oh oh… we circled the place, and sure enough, NO BIKE RACKS! WTF! This not the only establishment around my house that does not have racks to park bikes. Yet another example of how bike commuters are belittled by our car culture.