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What if we score a discount for any of the KHS “GAS Sucks, Ride a Bike” gear, would you buy it?

We’re trying to negotiate things with KHS Bicycles to provide readers a special “RL is Super Cool” discount.

So stay tuned as we finalize things.

C.I.C.L.E’s Shay Sanchez on Dirt Rag Magazine

What accomplishments of C.I.C.L.E. are you most proud of?
Recently, we just finished working on a great project called Bike Week Pasadena, which was a jam-packed week of rides and events celebrating and promoting all things bike. But one thing that always makes me feel great is teaching someone to learn to ride a bicycle for the first time. There’s just something about watching someone progress from scooting about nervously on their bike, to that point where they just take off on their first bike ride ever. Seeing that huge smile come across their face in that moment, well, that gives me something to feel proud about.

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World Naked Bike Day

Found this article on Tree Hugger…

It’s not for everyone, but it is certainly a cause that most treehuggers would support. World Naked Bike Day is a protest against the vulnerability of cyclists and the domination of car culture. In their words: ” It’s time to put a stop to the indecent exposure of people and the planet to cars and the pollution they create. We face automobile traffic with our naked bodies as the best way of defending our dignity and exposing the vulnerability faced by cyclists and pedestrians on our streets as well as the negative consequences we all face due to dependence on oil, and other forms of non-renewable energy”. Now in its 4th year, it is easy to join since it takes place in 20 countries and 70 cities. If you are creative you can decorate your bike, or your body. You can also ride a skateboard, roller blades or a unicycle. Too shy? Go “bare as you dare”. And the answer to that question you’re dying to ask (what does it feel like to ride nude?), the answer is: “Just like it does with clothes but a bit cooler. Most riders also find it exhilarating, liberating, empowering… and downright hilarious. :: World Naked Bike Ride

What’s funny to me is, even though these people are nakit they’re still wearing helmets!

Screw it, I’m riding my bike

You can tell that Summer is almost here by increase in the amount of car traffic in LA. I’ve been arriving 15 minutes late to work when I drive, it is not just me, most of my co-workers have noticed the trend and are late as well. Since a lot of us have kids that have to be at school at a certain time, we are at the mercy of traffic.

So I said screw it, I’m riding my 22 mile commute. Sure enough, I got to work at the same time as if I would have driven my car and I also got to work earlier than some of my co-workers that drive! I will be taking a shorter lunch or staying 15 minutes later so I can make up the time so my employer won’t get pissed off at me. Man, it feels so good to ride and pass all the cars that are stuck in traffic, knowing that I could have been one of them.

Dead Horse….

Are you tired of that whole helmet debate…you know what I’m talking about. “Should you wear a helmet or not?”

I’ve seen too many sites and forums bringing up that subject just for the sake of having something to talk about.

Well here’s what I say…wear it if you want. But to that whole argument…I say its a…