Bike Your Drive!

NuVinci Hub First Impression

There’s nothing like riding to work on a new bike… OK, so the B27-R is not a new bike, but with the NuVinci hub installed, it feels like a different bike. This is nothing like I ever ridden, it’s kind of hard to describe…

As I started pedaling to work, I rotated the CruiseController to a cadence that was neither hard nor easy, it was just right. As I started increasing my cadence, I also adjusted the CruiseController and I started to roll at a very comfortable speed. When I reached the stop lights, I simply moved the CruiseController to an easier setting and I started pedaling with ease, the “pedal mashing” feeling that you get when you ride single speeds or fixies was gone. Also gone is the “clack-clack” noise and the “half-pedal” revolution of a multi-gear bike.

The drawbacks? The hub is heavy and you can feel it. But since I’m not riding a Crit or an XC race, the weight is forgotten once you reach a comfortable speed. My first impression is based on my short 9.6 mile commute, I’m planning to ride with the NuVinci hub on my longer 22 mile commute that features a couple of small hills and see how it does. Come back for more updates!

Tired of MPG Bulls__t

Isn’t it funny how every car manufacturer claims to have “the most fuel efficient” car line up?? And when they advertise their over inflated MPG ratings they always use the bullshit EPA Highway Estimates. Check this out, EPA MPG estimates are based on the following:

Average Highway Speed: 49 mph (Hello!!!, the speed limit is 55-75mph!!!)
Maximum Highway Speed: 60 mph (How do you expect me to pass the big rig going 80???)
Temperature at 75 degrees: (dang, my truck doesn’t have a thermometer)
No Air Conditioning (Yeah, try that in Texas)
No Passengers (then why have 7 passenger SUV’s?)
No Rough Roads (have you driven in LA lately?)
No hills (Doable in parts of New Mexico)
No wind (Chicago people, you are screwed)
No low tire pressure (have you checked your wife’s car lately?)
No Ethanol in gas (Huh?)

Here’s a calculator to check out a car’s real MPG

But the real question is, why aren’t Bicycle makers capitalizing on rising gas costs by advertising on TV????

NuVinci Hub Test Ride

B27 with NuVinci Hub

I finally finished installing the wheel with the NuVinci hub on the Ibex B27-R. I went out for a test ride around my neighborhood. I actually rode for a couple of miles and I rode a couple mild hills to test the capability of the hub.

B27 with NuVinci Hub

One word can describe the ride: SMOOTH. As I played around with the “Cruise Controller” the gear ratios changed smoothly and I was able to adjust the “gear” to the demands of the road. Riding uphill was easy, riding on the flat was fast, even riding downhill I was able to pedal and really go fast.

After also having ridden the Nirve Streamliner Ultra with auto shifting, I believe these two systems will revolutionize the way comfort/hybrid/commuter bikes are made.

Riding to work with a backpack.

When I ride to work, I usually ride with panniers

or sometimes with a messenger bag

I don’t really care for riding with a backpack because I overheat easily and sweat a lot. My lovely little dog got a hold of my CamelBak’s bite valve and made it it’s chewing toy. I was going to replace the whole hydration unit, but it almost costs the same as buying a new pack! So I replaced my CamelBak with a Deuter Race XC II.

This pack features a unique system that Deuter Calls the Advanced Air Comfort system.

and it has 1200 ci of volume, enough room for casual friday’s shorts and T-shirt. I figured, why not, since a lot of you ride with backpacks (see poll) I gave it a shot. I also rode my 22 mile commute instead of my 9.6 miler, this way I was able to have a good idea how good the ‘Advanced Air Comfort System’ worked.

Although the primary function of the Deuter Race XC II is mountain biking, I liked it better than my messenger bag. I still think that panniers are the way to go if you have a rear rack installed on your bike.

Banjo Brothers Backpack

Banjo Brothers will be sending us a Commuter Backpack to test, we’ll do a post as soon as it arrives. Meanwhile, I will be searching for other backpacks that are more economic than the Race Air II (at $109 is not really cheap) and are commuter friendly.

If you ride with a backpack, let us know the brand and why you like it by posting a comment.

Faces of a Bike Commuter

A while back while I was in the waiting room of my therapist…what? Yes, I used to go to therapy…and I probably should still go. Anyhow, we’re getting off track. In the waiting room was this Calvin and Hobbs style poster that showed a kid that expressed all the emotions that people go through.

The poster had this cartoon make different faces such as sad, mad, happy, insecure and stuff.

So that motivated me to come up with my own set of pictures of the emotions/faces that bike commuters go through while riding.

This is my “beating the red light look.” I’m very focused and intense huh?

This is my “mad at a car for cutting me off look.”

My “satisfaction that I saved alot of money by riding my bike look.”

This is the “What did that guy in the car yell at me while he was going 60 on a 35 zone.”

This is the, “dang my legs burn but it feels sooooooo good look.”

This is the “euphoric look.” It’s that high we all get once the dopamine kick in.