Bike Your Drive!

Pimp my KHS F20-R Vol 2.


Got a few additions for the KHS F20-R.

A sweet Truvativ Roleur Carbon Fiber Crank Set:

And the Carbon Fiber Seatpost:

A few Dura-Ace parts are on their way, stay tuned for the updates!

Cycling Buddy

Yeah, sometimes it can be lonely being a bike commuter, its not like riding on a peloton or a club ride. So I usually ride with my ‘biking buddies’

Biking Buddy

My newest ‘buddy’ is Charlie Brown. Why? Because being a bike commuter, sometimes I do feel like we are portrayed like outcasts, weird, and a little dorky. However, Charlie Brown never gives up and is persistent and determined, sort of like Bike Commuters!

Win some Sweetskinz Nightwing Tires

Our new friend Linda who won the Sweetskinz Nightwings at the Urban Commuter Expo emailed and told me that the tires will not fit her bike. So she’s willing to give them away as a raffle on the site. So if you were at the expo this passed weekend, shoot me an email if you want to win these tires!


Email me HERE. We’ll announce the winner this Friday.

Remember you have to be a local entry because you will need to pick up the tires in South Pasadena.

Sweetskinz Scorch Raffle

At the Urban Bike Commuter Expo we told people that we were giving away the Sweetskinz Scorch 26″ tires today. We had quite a bit of people that entered their names in the drawing and I’m happy to announce our winner.

drum roll please…….

The winner is…….


Congrats to Ting and we’ll be contacting you to make arrangements so you can pick up the tires.