Ghost Rider is a Bike Commuter!

Ghost Rider
We would like to welcome Jack Sweeney, aka, Ghost Rider as a new member of the team. Jack is a bike commuter from Tampa FL and will be giving us a perspective on what it takes to be a bike commuter from that part of the USA. You can read his commuter profile here. Again, welcome Jack!

Ordinance 1604

Santa Monica Pier

I’m extremely bad with names, but a fellow commuter (whose name I can’t recall) told me about The City of Santa Monica’s Ordinance 1604.

Ordinance 1604 was designed to help reduce commute trips made by employees. The Ordinance promotes “ridesharing�, also know as alternate modes of transportation, for employees such as: walking, carpooling, vanpooling, biking, using public transit, compressed work schedules, telecommuting and other non-polluting forms of transit.

I was also told that Employers that do not meet the requirements of Ordinance 1604 get fined. Another interesting fact about the city of Santa Monica is their Parking Cash out Program.

The City of Santa Monica is the only city in the nation to implement a mandatory Parking Cash Out Program. Parking Cash Out, or AB2109, is a State law requiring employers of fifty or more employees who lease their parking, and subsidize any part of their employee parking to offer their employees the opportunity to give up their parking space and rideshare to work instead. In return for giving up their parking space, the employer pays the employee the cost of the parking space.

Kudos to the City of Santa Monica for setting an example that although some may not agree with, it paves the way for alternate transportation and the reduction of pollution.

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