Bike Your Drive!

National Bike To Work Day!

Yup today is like our Christmas, Kwanza and Hanukkah all rolled into one day! So to help bring in the festivities, I rode my bike to work!

This is a shot of my during a quick photo op.

See this big building that I work in, out off all the people there…

I’m the only bike commuter…wow talk about being a double minority. Not only am I good looking (you know there’s not enough of those people in the world), but I’m the only commuter here too!

Any who, I hope you all are having a great Bike To Work Day. Be safe and be happy!

Pictures from my Cali Bike to Work day

I just wanted to share with you pictures of my commute. I rode the DiamondBack Transporter to work today with the Maxxis Overdrive tires.

DB Transporter
Foster Rd Bridge on the San Gabriel River Trail.

DB Transporter
Foster Rd, parallels Imperial Hwy, a major thoroughfare.

DB Transporter
Exit/Entry to The San Gabriel River Trail from Foster Rd.

DB Transporter
Bike commuter riding against traffic…. BIG NO NO

DB Transporter
Going underneath the 605 Freeway

DB Transporter
What I thought was a fellow commuter, but just a pompous roadie that didn’t reciprocate my friendly wave.

DB Transporter
If you read my DiamondBack Transporter Review, I didn’t really cared much for the all-terrain tires that came with it. I had the Maxxis Overdrive tires on my MUTT, but since I installed the SweetSkinz Hazarea on the B27, I swapped the Overdrive tires on the Transporter. What a huge difference!!! The bike no longer had that ‘heavy’ feeling and it was also much quieter. I will be posting a full review of the Maxxis Overdrive tires, so stay tuned!

Excuses, Excuses…

From the 3 co-workers that committed themselves to riding to work today, NONE actually did it. Here are their excuses:

3. I had too many things to do and I didn’t have a chance to get my bike ready.
2. I have to go to the bank during lunch.
1. How can I live without out my car???

I can hear the oil executives laughing their asses off….

Me? I rode the DiamondBack Transporter with the Maxxis Overdrive tires. I will post an update on how the change of tires has made the Transporter ride MUCH better.

CRaZy (BLANK) DrIvErS!!!!!

I’m sure there are many times when a car honks at you, a car full of idiots yell, or throw something at you.

When this happens, what word do you use to fill in the blank…

CRaZy (BLANK) DrIvErS!!!!!