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Nirve Ultraliner with Auto Shifting

I drove down to the Nirve Bicycles head quarters in Fountain Valley, Ca. to pick up their new Ultraliner. This bike has the similar components and design as the Shimano Coasting Group, but only better!

nirve ultraliner

Here are the specs:

# NEW AUTOMATIC SHIFTING TECHNOLOGYShifts automatically just like your car to always keep you in the right gear
# No more guessing which way to turn the shifter and ending up in the wrong gear
# Climb hills easier. Keep up with your friends with less effort
# Nirve 17” aluminum Sport Cruiser frame
# Lightweight & easy rolling alloy 700C wheels w/Stainless spokes
# SHIMANO 3 speed Automatic transmission for varied terrain conditions
# Upright alloy Nirve Sport Cruiser handlebars for comfortable cruising
# Nirve comfort saddle w/springs
# Tough impact resistant Polycarbonate fenders
# Alloy Kickstand
MSRP $529.99

I met up with Dan Bon, President/CEO of Nirve. He went into great detail about the Ultraliner. One of the features that stood out to me about this bike was that the Shimano Auto D CPU allows a rider plug in any generator light set to it. He explained how the Shimano Dynamo Hub acts as the generator and produces enough electricity power up a head light and tail light. The CPU even has a photo sensor that knows when it gets dark. So when the sun goes down, the lights will automatically come on! Cool eh?

I rode this bad boy around the neighborhood. Surprisingly this thing is quite fun! To me the Ultraliner is better than any of the Coasting bikes that Trek, Giant and Raleigh put out because it has subtle features on it that make it superior. Here’s a list of why I like the Nirve Ultraliner better than the other auto shifting bikes out there.

1.V-brake, not coaster brakes.
2.High pressure tires.
3.700c wheels, Coasting bikes have 26″ wheels
4.Light weight aluminum
5.It doesn’t look like a girls bike.
6.It rides really smooth, big wheels= faster and smoother ride.
7.CPU allows the rider to manually adjust the shift timing.
8.Sweet Nirve styling.
9.Comfy Seat

So stay tuned as we review this bike and possibly make some upgrades to it and make it more commuter friendly.

More F20-R’s that you can shake a stick at.

I googled ‘F20-R’ to see if I was the only ‘guy with the little bike’. Turns out, these folding bikes are super popular in Asia. I went to check out KHS’s Taiwan Site and I was amazed to see 12 different models of this bike.

Here’s their top of the line F20-RAC. It has 105 components and a Carbon Fiber fork!

This is their off-road model, I wonder if I can convince them to bring one to the States.
F20-R Offroad

This F20-R looks ready for a long ride..

This is an interesting one…

A pink one!!!

I find it amusing how ignorant people can be about these bikes. I endure comments like ‘Is that your kid’s bike?’, ‘that’s a girls’ bike’ and my favorite, ‘get a real road bike’. To all those people…. KISS MY ASS AS I FLY BY!!!

Hoss Ponderosa Knickers

Hoss Introduces Ponderosa Knickers

Anaheim, Calif. (May 25th, 2007) — Hoss Technical Gear adds Ponderosa
Knickers to their line of functional and affordable cycling clothing.
Based on Hoss’ popular Ponderosa Shorts, the Ponderosa Knickers offer
urban and/or trail riders classic Ponderosa function and comfort,
with the versatility and additional coverage of a ¾ length design.

hoss knickers

Ponderosa Knickers with Integrated Liner
• 8 panel microfiber polyester outer shell is lightweight and durable
• 6 panel polyester/Spandex liner with CoolMax for moisture
management and comfort
• CoolMax sanitized chamois with multi-level technology improves
comfort by relieving the pressure points between body and saddle
• Adjustable bungee cord closure on legs
• 6 pockets, including 2 side cargo pockets and a rear cargo style
pocket with Velcro closures
• Partial elastic waistband with extra secure belt and buckle for
comfort and fit
• Rear stretch panel for comfort and flexibility
• Sizes: S / M / L / XL / XXL / XXXL
• Colors: Black, Grey, Beige
• MSRP: $69.95

Hoss Technical Gear was created to offer the MTB enthusiast stylish,
functional and affordable MTB apparel. Each member of the Hoss staff
has more than 19 years of experience within the apparel industry.
Hoss makes cycling apparel that makes sense.


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I think its related to the high gas prices…

Courtesy of LA Times

The current $1.25 bus and rail fare would increase to $1.50 by July 1, 2010, then $1.80 by 2012. The $3 day pass would jump to $5 by 2008, $6 in 2010 and $7.25 two years later. The $52 monthly pass would go up to $62 in 2008, $75 in 2010 and $90 in 2012. A special 25-cent fare would also be established for the disabled and seniors 65 and older. The fare would be in effect 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. and after 7 p.m. on weekdays, all day Saturday, Sunday and federal holidays. It would increase to 30 cents in 2010 and 35 cents in 2012. The weekly pass will go from $14 to $17 in 2008, $20 in 2010 and $24 in 2012.