This is what I had to deal with today…

On my way home, this big dually truck started creeping up on my lane. I tapped his side panel and yelled, “Hey!” I pass him up and them when I get to the light I hear his big truck rumbling behind me. Then this guy starts to yell at me by saying…”You phacking ahsol, you estupeh ahsol. Why yous hits my karz? You estupeh ashol!”

I tell the dude, “you cut me off, and you all most hit me!” Words kept going back and forth, he kept dropping the F bombs on me…”phacking ahsol!!!” While he was doing all that, I whipped out my camera, which by the way I carry with me every time I commute…and I take his picture. The dude even posed for this shot that you see…Then he takes out his camera phone and takes a picture of me….aye these dudes are so….ehstupeh…

Gas Sucks Socks!

Yup they are available!

Core spun Coolmax, Nylon and Lycra – keep feet dry comfortable and cool

2 sizes:

Medium – about Men’s 7-9.5
Large – about Men’s 10-12
Get it at:

Your friendly local bike shops
KHS On-line Store

Tete de Course

LeMond Bicycles will be releasing this super nice bike called the Tete de Course.I couldn’t help but giggle.

You see in Tagalog(Filipino language), “Tete” is another word for boobs, hooters, and chi-chis.

I’m sure its hard to come out with a product name that doesn’t offend someone or have a bad meaning in another language.

My Commute Today

I got up extra early today and rode to work. Wow the streets are really clear at 5:50am. On my way to work, I see these little drainage grills on the ground. I always try to avoid them. They have bigger ones that have wider spaces on the bars…now that’s trouble waiting to happen.

I saw a couple of bike commuters on the road with me.

Here’s a guy that passed me up. He was all decked out in lycra…he looked really pretty in his matching outfit!

I got a little thirsty on my way to work and saw this vending machine for my favorite beverage!

Dangit! That’s some mean joke or something…I pull up and I try to put my money in and it turns out this thing was an bus stop ad! ARGH! Curses on you clever marketers!

Anyhow, what’s the moral of this posting? Get up early, and enjoy the ride!

Road or Mountain?

Yesterday I was asked the question what do I prefer, road or mountain biking. My first answer was, neither, I like Bike commuting the best. But then I reflected on my answer. When do I enjoy riding my bike the most? Well, the answer is: When I’m riding with my girls.

Fun with the Kids

Tandem Bike
I know I’m not wearing a helmet, we posed for the pictures. Once we started to ride, I put my helmet on.