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The Race Card: Who would you be more afraid of?

As Bike Commuters we ride through different parts of the city in various neighborhoods. In my commute, I travel through two extremes in the standard of living. I first ride through a middle class neighborhood, then go through a super low income neighborhood and end up in an upper class neighborhood.. In my ride, I often see all types of people, white, Latino, and Asians. With a mix of people that I see, I’m not quite sure who I should be more cautious around…the white folks, the Latinos or Asians?

What about you?

Should you be afraid of this guy?

Or this guy?

What about this guy?


You may have noticed that we added polls to our site. We firmly believe that our site is a place where you can voice your opinion, whether you agree with us or not. Polls gives us an idea of what products to review or what subjects to do research on. So feel free to leave a comment on any our posts and vote on our polls!

Free Coasting Bikes!!!

Bicycling magazine is at it again with their ‘Biketown USA Program’. This year they are giving away ‘coasting’ bikes like the Trek Lime.

Trek Limes

The following cities have been selected for the giveaway:

San Diego

What’s the catch???

Anyone interested in receiving a free bike simply needs to tell Bicycling, in 50 words or less, how having a Coasting bike would bring back a sense of freedom and fun to life. Bicycling’s editors will select what they feel are the 50 best essays in each city and the selected writers will each receive a bike to keep.

Click here to enter!

L.A. Ranks #4 in Road Rage

We are #4! That’s right, the city of Angels is more like the city of road ragers. Although I can say that I had very few altercations with motorists while riding my bike, it is when I drive that I tend to see the lunatics.

To be truthful, I can tell that my patience level really decreases when I drive. But when I ride my bike, road rage goes out the window. So there you have it, another reason to ride your bike to work. No road rage!

Here are other cities that made the list:

1 Miami
2 New York
3 Boston
4 Los Angeles
5 Washington, D.C.
6 Phoenix
7 Chicago
8 Sacramento
9 Philadelphia
10 San Francisco