An organization of bicycle commuters spanning San Bernardino and Riverside counties is citing rising gas prices, growing environmental awareness and recent improvements to a regional bike route to promote more people pedaling to and from work.

The Bicycle Commuter Coalition of the Inland Empire has promoted cycling for more than a decade, with achievements such as persuading local public agencies to install bike racks on buses and establishing a free bicycle storage facility for spectators during the annual Redlands Bicycle Classic.

But recently, interest in the bike as workaday transportation seems to be growing among the public and government agencies alike, said Jonathan Baty, the coalition’s government affairs manager.

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Bush Goes For A Ride

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May is National Physical Fitness and Sports Month, and June will mark the fifth anniversary of the HealthierUS Initiative. The president launched the initiative in 2002 to encourage people to do physical activity every day, eat nutritious food, get preventive screenings for disease and make healthy lifestyle choices.

I think that it’s great that people would take some time out of their busy schedule to go out for a ride. Read more about it HERE.

This afternoon I rode the Xtracycle to the grocery store to get some things for lunch. One of my favorite fruits in the world is young coconut. Having lived on it as a kid in the Philippines, I still crave it as an adult.

While I was at a market that we call Stater Bater, I noticed they had some for only $1.49. Heck, why not, I’ll buy two! As I was at the check out, the coconuts was rung up with a ridiculous price of $12! I tried to tell the checker that the sign on the shelf was $1.49, but he argued back that it was $2.49 per pound. I told him never mind and that I had never in my life paid over $1.50 for one coconut.

You’re probably thinking, what do coconuts have anything to do with bike commuting…Well, um I did mention the Xtracycle…so that counts for something, right?

This weekend I took my kids to the Fullerton Railroad Days to check out the Choo Choo festivities. Since I knew we had to park far, I decided to bring out the Xtracycle as well as my little girls bike to ride from the car to the venue.

As you may have already noticed, my two older girls sat in the back with out any problems.

Once we got the event, I loaded up my daughter’s little bike in one of the Freeloaders.

I didn’t even get 10 feet out and people were already stopping me asking questions about the Xtracycle. So I took a few minutes out and explained all the benefits of this great life changing bicycle must have. I probably talked to at least 9 different people about the Xtracycle.

We eventually made it to the OCTA booth. OCTA stands for Orange County Transportation Authority. They have the best bus drivers in the world! One time I crashed and hit the street hard. The bus was right behind me and stopped with out any hesitation and waited until I was safely off the road before it went on its way. I was telling the OCTA folks how much I appreciate their drivers because when ever I bike commute, they are always aware of my presence on the street.

Any who. I love the Xtracycle! Kipchoge (Xtracycle Boss) and his staff of awesome folks have an amazing product. I love this thing so much that I don’t mind telling people about them.