Bike Your Drive!

Pictures from my Cali Bike to Work day

I just wanted to share with you pictures of my commute. I rode the DiamondBack Transporter to work today with the Maxxis Overdrive tires.

DB Transporter
Foster Rd Bridge on the San Gabriel River Trail.

DB Transporter
Foster Rd, parallels Imperial Hwy, a major thoroughfare.

DB Transporter
Exit/Entry to The San Gabriel River Trail from Foster Rd.

DB Transporter
Bike commuter riding against traffic…. BIG NO NO

DB Transporter
Going underneath the 605 Freeway

DB Transporter
What I thought was a fellow commuter, but just a pompous roadie that didn’t reciprocate my friendly wave.

DB Transporter
If you read my DiamondBack Transporter Review, I didn’t really cared much for the all-terrain tires that came with it. I had the Maxxis Overdrive tires on my MUTT, but since I installed the SweetSkinz Hazarea on the B27, I swapped the Overdrive tires on the Transporter. What a huge difference!!! The bike no longer had that ‘heavy’ feeling and it was also much quieter. I will be posting a full review of the Maxxis Overdrive tires, so stay tuned!

Excuses, Excuses…

From the 3 co-workers that committed themselves to riding to work today, NONE actually did it. Here are their excuses:

3. I had too many things to do and I didn’t have a chance to get my bike ready.
2. I have to go to the bank during lunch.
1. How can I live without out my car???

I can hear the oil executives laughing their asses off….

Me? I rode the DiamondBack Transporter with the Maxxis Overdrive tires. I will post an update on how the change of tires has made the Transporter ride MUCH better.

CRaZy (BLANK) DrIvErS!!!!!

I’m sure there are many times when a car honks at you, a car full of idiots yell, or throw something at you.

When this happens, what word do you use to fill in the blank…

CRaZy (BLANK) DrIvErS!!!!!

Seattle Bike Supply employees are Bike Commuters

I spoke to our good friend Tim Rutledge, Performance Bicycle Marketing Manager of Seattle Bike Supply (Redline) and asked him about the folks that are bike commuters in the company. So he gave me a break down on the info, here’s what he had to say:

With May Bike to Work month, and Bike to Work Day both the 17th—for the commuter cup, and the 18th for the official city of Seattle bike to work day we are really focusing on riding to work this whole month. Our historic Bike to Work Day numbers are as follows:

2001=28 employees

2002=22 employees



2005=42employees 72% participation, winner of the Specialized Commuter Cup for our size.


Overall SBS has plenty of daily commuter’s verses just “Bike to Work Day.? On average 10 people ride to work everyday.

Of course this is really challenging when you have a month like this past November where we had 13 inches of rain in one month. I would say even though it is more challenging to ride here in the Pacific Northwest due to the weather, the weather is at least moderate enough to make it possible to ride.

Inside joke living in the Seattle area—“Don’t take your fenders off your training bike until July 5th—cause it always seems to rain on the 4th.?

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Here are some pictures of the bikes at SBS.

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We’d like to say thanks to Tim as well as the rest of the SBS crew for being great examples of what a Bike Commuter is.