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Free Coasting Bikes!!!

Bicycling magazine is at it again with their ‘Biketown USA Program’. This year they are giving away ‘coasting’ bikes like the Trek Lime.

Trek Limes

The following cities have been selected for the giveaway:

San Diego

What’s the catch???

Anyone interested in receiving a free bike simply needs to tell Bicycling, in 50 words or less, how having a Coasting bike would bring back a sense of freedom and fun to life. Bicycling’s editors will select what they feel are the 50 best essays in each city and the selected writers will each receive a bike to keep.

Click here to enter!

L.A. Ranks #4 in Road Rage

We are #4! That’s right, the city of Angels is more like the city of road ragers. Although I can say that I had very few altercations with motorists while riding my bike, it is when I drive that I tend to see the lunatics.

To be truthful, I can tell that my patience level really decreases when I drive. But when I ride my bike, road rage goes out the window. So there you have it, another reason to ride your bike to work. No road rage!

Here are other cities that made the list:

1 Miami
2 New York
3 Boston
4 Los Angeles
5 Washington, D.C.
6 Phoenix
7 Chicago
8 Sacramento
9 Philadelphia
10 San Francisco

They’re called Knickers…not Capris!

Hoss MTB will be introducing a new line of Knickers by the end of the month. Here’s what they told me…

The Ponderosa Knickers will share the fit and many of the features of the Ponderosa Shorts (see www.hossmtb.com), but in a 3/4 length design. The Knickers will be available in sizes Small through XXXL, in black, grey and beige.

Hoss will be sending me a pair to test out! I can’t wait, woohoo! I’ll post pictures once I get them.

If People would just ride their bikes…

Ok so here I was thinking, if people in the media, you know stars, celebrities and such would just ride their bikes, half of their troubles wouldn’t exist…

Take for example Lindsay Lohan. She wouldn’t need so much booze and drugs because riding a bike gives a rider the same feel of doing crack…right?

Paris Hilton….well if she would have ridden a bike, then she never would have gotten her license suspended…but its good that she’s going to jail.

K Fed and Brit….they should have ridden bikes together. Everyone knows a couple that plays, is a couple that stays….

Jessica Simpson, Everyone knows that riding a bike makes your smarter…

Nick Lachey, bike riding makes you a better singer.

David Hasselhof started off bad to begin with in the 80’s…the dude drove a car that talked! Now you know that will mess up anyone. The only way to cure his ways is to…yup ride a bike!

Mayor of Los Angeles Antonio Villaraigosa…well nothing could help this clown. He just sucks.