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Ride of Silence Fullerton 2007

Last night the Ride of Silence took place in our town, Fullerton. If you’re not familiar with what the purpose of this event is…

* To HONOR those who have been injured or killed
* To RAISE AWARENESS that we are here
* To ask that we all SHARE THE ROAD

We met up at downtown Fullerton with some of the locals.
Ride of Silence Fullerton

Group shot right before the ride.

We even saw one of the guys from Banning’s Bikes riding the new Swobo Sanchez.

Moe rode his customized Ibex B27 commuter with the Sweetskinz Tires.

We took up a whole lane during the ride. There were at least 7 different fixies out there from home brewed bikes to brands like Swobo, Redline, IRO and many others that had fancy names.

This was Priscilla’s firs Ride of Silence and it was actually pretty fun.
ride of silence fullerton

The event organizer, “Mike” did a great job in picking a route. We had a few motorists that still drove like idiots even though there were so many of us on the roads. Other than that, the event was great. Though I’d hate to keep riding in honor of fallen or injured cyclists, but I think the event lets the driving public know that we’re as cyclists are not going anywhere.

Check out our Gallery for more Pictures of the Ride of Silence!

More Free Stuff

Our partners and Sponsors, KHS Bicycles have provided us some stuff to give away at the Bicycle Commuter Expo this Saturday. We will be giving away ‘Gas Sucks Posters’, water bottles, T-shirts and stickers.


Bike to Work Day reminder

Tomorrow is California’s bike to work day and Friday is National Bike to work day. So far I have 2 co-workers that have committed themselves to riding to work. Remember to send your pictures of anyone that you’ve convinced to ride to work!!!

Are Bike Commuters More Chatty

As some of you may know, we run about 4 different sites. Our most popular is our mountain biking site called, Though the traffic on our mountain biking site is way up there compared to, but the funny thing is we get more more comments from people on the Bike Commuters than the mountain site. Not so sure why, the only thing I can think of is that bike commuters are more assertive and confident in themselves and aren’t worried about what people think. I mean that’s why we’re bike commuters right?

Helmet Saves a Life

Ryan Lipscomb holds the helmet that saved his life when his head was run over by a delivery truck in Madison, Wisconsin.

MILWAUKEE, Wisconsin (AP) — Ryan Lipscomb lived to tell how it felt to have a truck run over his head. “Really strange,” he said.

Lipscomb, 26 of Seattle, suffered a concussion but was otherwise unhurt. He was shaken up, especially after he saw his mangled helmet.

Lipscomb, a graduate student in medical physics at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, was riding down a bike path in Madison on Friday afternoon. As he approached an intersection, he said, he noticed the oncoming delivery truck preparing to make a right turn in front of him.

The truck wasn’t going to stop, Lipscomb said, so he slammed on his brakes, flipping his bike and landing in the street.

A moment later the truck rolled over his head.

“I didn’t see it coming, but I sure felt it roll over my head,” he told The Capital Times newspaper. “It feels really strange to have a truck run over your head.”

His black helmet was flattened, tread marks visible on the cracked frame.

Lipscomb was taken to a hospital and released about three hours later.

Police initially declined to call the incident a hit-and-run, saying it was unclear whether the driver knew someone had been hit. But Sgt. Bernie Gonzalez later updated the accident report to include the designation.

Police spokesman Mike Hanson said Tuesday there hasn’t been an arrest because investigators haven’t been able to identify the driver.

In a telephone interview Tuesday with The Associated Press, Lipscomb said he has had some lingering headaches and a stiff neck.

“All things considered, that’s about as good as it can get,” he said.

Despite the close call, he said, he has to focus on school because his qualifying exam for the Ph.D. program is next week.

“I think it will probably hit me when I’m done with exams,” Lipscomb said.

Lipscomb does plan to ride again, he just prefers to wait until after exams are over.

“After that, I’ll go out and get a new helmet and be back on my bike,” he said.