Be Visible

Moe Commuting
Here’s another tip for y’all: Be Visible. May sound basic, but I see a lot of bike commuters that blend with parked cars and the road. Since mornings tend to be cool in So. Cal, I ride with a Hi-Viz jacket or a Hi-Viz Vest.

If the ‘bike geek ‘ look is not your thing, you can attach a big ass blinky like the lightman to the rear of the bike that is visible during the day.


If you are worrying that your panniers are too dull, the answer is simple, attach a blinky to it.

Panniers with blinkies

Our fellow commuter Russ Roca uses the Dinotte Tail light, at $129 its an expensive blinkie, but how much is your safety worth?

Dinotte tail light

I’ve also read that people use those reflective triangles that Bike Tourers use.

Bike Triangle

Whatever works for you, being as visible as possible is the best way to get home safely.


On my way in to work today I hit some road construction. They had the traffic take a detour…

As I was riding through the detour path, I saw a friendly sign that stated…”Bike Trail”

I’ve actually seen this bike trail before on my way home but I’ve never taken it since it would take me away from my route. Anyhow, it was great to see this path because it was right in the middle of Santa Ana…not the best place to ride a bike.

This morning’s little detour ended up costing me an additional 10 minutes on the bike, not such a bad thing since I was riding more, but bad when you have to be at work on time.

Again my legs seem to be sleeping through out this morning’s ride…

Bike to Work Week works.

Picture courtesy of California Bike Commute.

As most of you know, May is Bike Month and several states are having a ‘Bike to Work Week’. California’s bike to work week happens to be from May 14-18th. The reason I know that Bike to Work works is because I’m proof of that. Back in 2004 I gave riding to work a chance on Bike to Work week, I’ve been hooked since then. Most of us know a few riders that may just need the ‘right’ motivation to ride their bike to work. Bike to Work week can be used as the perfect tool to finally convince those riders.

So here’s your homework assignment…. Try to convince at least one person to commute to work at least one day on Bike to work week, if you do, send us a picture of the person(s) that you’ve convinced and we will post them on the site. You can also use the fact that their picture will be on the World Famous site!

A Bike Like No Other

An awesome article on the NY Times talks about fixies…

Many fixed-gear adherents contend that their bikes are the ultimate and all others are pretenders. And these fixed-gear zealots are a growing presence on the streets of New York. Perceived by some as nuisances, or as troublesome, anarchist Dumpster-diving punks who happen to ride bikes, they are occasionally reviled, but they are also the subject of curiosity and interest. Just as die-hard skateboarders 15 years ago stood on the cusp of providing a new lifestyle, so the fixed-gear bike culture could be the tip of something that nobody can accurately predict but something that is huge.

Fixed-gear bikes are being ridden all over New York, by messengers, racers, lawyers, accountants and college professors — a diverse and not necessarily youthful cross section of the city’s population. They’re being ridden by people who work in sandwich shops and don’t know or care about gear ratios and bike history, and by people who have been racing these bikes for years in places like the Kissena Velodrome in Flushing, Queens, with its banked, elliptical track. They’re ridden by militant vegans who are virtual encyclopedias of arcane bicycle history, by thrill-seeking members of renegade bike gangs like Black Label, by shopgirls, street racers, Critical Mass riders, your aunt.

Read the rest of the article.

Another Bike Commuting Tip

From one Bike Commuter to Another…

Be nice and smile!

I found that if I smiled, and waved at cars they would give me room, my riding experience was more fun!

So remember, show your pearly whites!