So…how do you like it?

Right now you’re seeing a preview of what the new site design will look like. Nick James designed the cool minty fresh banner and Moe “Da Masta Gamma” (Master Programmer) is diligently working on making our new “Green Theme” look even greener!

With all this biking, we figured that our look should match our purpose. You know to save the planet and all that green stuff that comes along with being a bike commuter.

Advanced Commuter Tips

1. Get your clothes and lunch ready the night before.
-The last thing you need is to be going through your laundry that morning thinking you grabbed your pants and stuffing it into your back pack. Only to find out when you’re at work ready to change, that they were your wife’s jeans!

2. Carry an extra tube.
-Changing a flat tube is faster than patching one.

3. Don’t get into any fights.
-It’s not worht it. People seem to be braver when they are in their cars.

4. Bring a pump…
-well that’s a given.

5. Wear deodorant!

Through out the US people will be participating in “Bike To Work Day.” If you are a bike commuter that would like to be featured here, on

Send us your photo, and your story on why you are a Bike Commuter and any interesting details about your commute or your bike!

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So this morning I woke up late. That shot the idea of me riding from Fullerton to Irvine. So I got my stuff ready, loaded up my car with my Redline 925 and drove to the City of Orange.

As I got on the road pedaling towards my destination. I couldn’t help but notice that I am slower today than I was the day before. It felt like my legs were asleep!

I tried to do some sprints from light to light thinking that it would get my legs to warm up. But it wasn’t until I got about a few miles from my office that I started to feel my legs wake up!

So if you have any suggestions on how I can get my legs to work properly, please PLEASE, leave a comment!