Bike Your Drive!

M.U.T.T. update

How do you make a sweet bike sweeter??? With Sweetskinz tires, of course!!!!

sent us the Hazarea tires to test. The tires fit perfectly with my YB boring Commuter bike theme. If you are not familiar with Sweetskinz tires, these tires have wild designs and colors, but the best thing is that they reflect light during darkness.

I also replaced the black stem with a yellow one, the gold fork looks out of place so I will be looking for a yellow or a red fork. The coolest thing about this bike is the comments that I get from kids, they think its super cool!

Check out the night shot!. SWEET.

I’m such a Tool…

Yesterday right when I was about to get on my bike and head home. I noticed that my brake lever (hoods) came off and was only being held on by some bar tape. Being the dummy that I am, I noticed the lever was loose a day before and figured I should fix it before my next ride. But stupid me, I didn’t listen to myself.

So I ended spending at least 15 minutes at the bike racks working on my lever. Luckily I had a multi-tool that helped me get back on the road.

What’s the moral of this posting? Don’t be a tool and make sure that you don’t neglect your bike in the future…

New Stuff Just Came In

I got this funny looking package….I wonder what it is?

I opened up the shrink wrap…low and be hold! It’s Sweetskinz Tires!

This one is called the Rattleback. Kinda looks like I’m holding a

These are called the Scorch….ooooh hot!

Hazarea…this one will go on the Ibex B27 bike Moe built up.

The blue ones in the other pics are called the Nightwings.

You’re probably wondering what we’re doing with so many tires. We’ll we’re giving them away! That’s right these are up for grabs. But….ah there’s a catch. You have to go to the Urban Commuter Expo in Pasadena on the 19th. We’re raffling these off! We’re also giving out tons of other stuff. So come on by and try your hand at winning some stuff!

By the way, I’d like to thank Fanny and her super crew at Sweetskinz Tires!

This is what I had to deal with today…

On my way home, this big dually truck started creeping up on my lane. I tapped his side panel and yelled, “Hey!” I pass him up and them when I get to the light I hear his big truck rumbling behind me. Then this guy starts to yell at me by saying…”You phacking ahsol, you estupeh ahsol. Why yous hits my karz? You estupeh ashol!”

I tell the dude, “you cut me off, and you all most hit me!” Words kept going back and forth, he kept dropping the F bombs on me…”phacking ahsol!!!” While he was doing all that, I whipped out my camera, which by the way I carry with me every time I commute…and I take his picture. The dude even posed for this shot that you see…Then he takes out his camera phone and takes a picture of me….aye these dudes are so….ehstupeh…