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A list of lists…

A bunch of bike-related lists have appeared on the interwebs in the past few days, and we wanted to share some of them with you. Plus, creating our own list is a good way for me to clear out my email inbox in one fell swoop:

1) The League of American Bicyclists published their 2012 State Bike-Friendliness Rankings. Here they are, in order:

1. Washington
2. Minnesota
3. Massachusetts
4. Colorado
5. Oregon
6. Wisconsin
7. New Jersey
8. Maryland
9. Maine
10. Delaware
11. Illinois
12. California
13. Utah
14. Arizona
15. Pennsylvania
16. Iowa
17. Virginia
18. Vermont
19. Michigan
20. Connecticut
21. Florida
22. New Hampshire
23. Georgia
24. North Carolina
25. Wyoming
26. Tennessee
27. Texas
28. Missouri
29. Nevada
30. Indiana
31. Louisiana
32. South Carolina
33. Alaska
34. Kansas
35. Oklahoma
36. Idaho
37. Ohio
38. Mississippi
39. Rhode Island
40. South Dakota
41. Hawaii
42. New York
43. Nebraska
44. Kentucky
45. New Mexico
46. Montana
47. Alabama
48. West Virginia
49. North Dakota
50. Arkansas

More details can be found on the LAB website.

2) The LAB has also updated its “Bicycle Friendly Cities” list…with some new entrants and plenty of old favorites. Check out the interactive Bike Friendly Cities map by clicking here.

3) The folks at Walk Score announced they have a new “Bike Score” in the works…currently, it only has 10 cities, but there are plans to expand the listings based on Tweeted votes and future growth of the Bike Score system. Check out the current list of cities here.

4) Bicycling Magazine has gotten in on the act, publishing their 2012 list of America’s Top 50 Bike-Friendly Cities. There are lots of pages to click through, but the process is enjoyable and illustrative. Check out that list by visiting Bicycling’s website.

5) Perhaps most important for OUR purposes here at (and a bid at shameless self-promotion!) is that we are nominated for Loving the Bike‘s “Crank Honors 2012”. We ask that you swing on over to their site and vote for us as Favorite Commuter Cycling Blog. It’s a 1-minute process, and there is no site registration required…just click on the radio button next to our site name and click “vote”. And, best of all, you can vote for us EVERY DAY until June 1st!!! Please take a second and vote for us…simply visit the virtual voting booth and click away! Thanks in advance for your consideration!!!