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Product Feature: Action Wipes

Action Wipes recently sent me some body wipes to test out for the sites.

Here’s some specs on the products.

Durable Washable Reusable
Directions For Use
Pull wipe out
and open to
full size.
Clean face…
Wash and clean bike, equipment,
yoga mat, car, furniture… Anything!
You’ve changed since your days in the nursery… You’re bigger, play harder,
smell stronger and your skin is not as smooth as your once cute baby behind.
That’s why we created a bigger, thicker wipe specially for you. One that
doesn’t leave you smelling like a baby, or remind you of one when its your time
to play.

Action Wipes are created with a clean, fresh aromatic scent that smells like you
just stepped into a spa. They’re made with all natural ingredients and
therapeutic aromatherapy oils of tea tree and eucalyptus to clean sweaty
pores and remove bacteria.

They have a mild sudsing action that doesn’t require rinsing, so you’re doing
more than just wiping your skin, you’re actually cleaning it! Quick to dry, it
leaves your skin soft – not sticky.

Action Wipes are naturally antiseptic, anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory, so
they’re good for your skin. The gentle formula is safe for your face, sensitive
skin, kids, pets and our planet too.

Did we mention they’re extra big? Yup, click here to see a comparison with
other popular wipes. And they’re extra strong too! Unlike other single-use
wipes, Action Wipes can actually withstand several machine washings and
drying, so you can repurpose them for other uses – such as washing your
dishes when you’re out camping, cleaning your equipment, dusting your
furniture… When done, recycle them!

So go ahead, use them before, during and after Triathlons, Yoga, Music
Festivals, Burning Man, Surfing (great to clean dried salt off face!) Golf, Tennis,
Camping, Hiking, Backpacking, Soccer, Rugby, Roller Derby, Horse Back Riding,
Motocross, Racketball, Football, Baseball, Wine Tasting, Travelling… what ever!

Sprayed directly to your face and body, our mist helps hydrate, clean, protect
and restore your skins thermal balance after a hard workout. You’ll smell good

It is a naturally antibacterial, antimicrobial, antifungal misting product. That
means it fights against many environmental odors and pollutants that we come
into contact on a daily basis. So protect yourself against bacteria, fungus, yeast
growth and backyard mosquitoes, too!

I had the privilege to use the wipes and spray at a recent 24Hour mountain bike event that Moe and I had participated in during the Thanksgiving weekend. After riding about 33+ miles and grilling food as well as not showering, my body started getting funky. Next best thing to a shower would be using the Action Wipes.

What I liked about these wipes, opposed to baby wipes was the scent. Action Wipes smelled clean and fresh. Plus it didn’t leave me feeling sticky like other wipes do. I used the wipes all over my body, from my face, arms, legs, and my boy parts. The aroma of the wipes are not over powering, in fact, after I had used up the wipes, I was left with a small hint of eucalyptus on my skin. I literally felt like I just showered.

Though Action Wipes say that after I used the wipes on my body, I could use it to clean my bike. But after applying the wipes all over my junk…I decided to pass on cleaning my bike with it. But I do see what they say, these things are durable, large and can be “repurposed” if needed.

As far as the spray goes, I used it to refresh my pits, my face, head and all over my body. The cool mist really helps to keep you smelling and feeling clean.

Price: Wipes start as cheap as $3.95 for 5 wipes and $9.95 for 15 wipes.
Spray come in a 2oz bottle for $7.25 or a 5oz for $14.95.
For more information about Action Wipes, click HERE