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Chicago’s Bike to Work Week

Chicago and the Active Transportation Alliance officially kicked off its bike to work week on Saturday, June 12, and will end with a Bike to Work Rally in Daley Plaza this Friday, June 18.

This morning I helped out at one of the many bike commuter stations – one that’s along my usual route – and greeted passing bike commuters with shouts of “Happy Bike to Work Week!” and “Join us for free coffee and goodies!”

A few cyclists stopped, some blew by in a hurry, others smiled back and waved (even if they didn’t stop) and others just grimaced. It’s those who were grimacing that gets me. Smile! You’re on a bike. 🙂

Just in time for Bike to Work week, Chicago striped some new bikes in a few bike lanes and Active Trans is sharing the bike love with commuters by promoting this week’s bike commuter stations. Be on the lookout for one along or near your morning route.

From Chicago — Happy Bike to Work Week!

Has your company signed up for the Active Transportation Alliance’s Bike Commuter Challenge?

Memorial Day Weekend at Bike the Drive

Our fellow commuter Noah recently asked what we would do for fun during the long Memorial Day weekend. In Chicago nearly 20,000 cyclists took to the car-free Lake Shore Drive to Bike the Drive on a warm and sunny Sunday of Memorial Day weekend.

This Sunday – while waking up before dawn was a challenge – the reward of warm weather, thousands of cycling buddies, and a gorgeous sunrise made it all worthwhile.

Bike the Drive is the Active Transporation Alliance‘s largest fundraiser and the event attracts cyclists from beyond Chicago to take part in this unique event. I spoke with several riders in town from Wisconsin.

Once again this year all registered riders get rider numbers that they are asked to wear so that they can then register their unique rider number and get notified as soon as photos taken during the event are posted – and that number makes finding photos of you much easier.

I rode down to the event with my friends Dottie (of LGRAB) and Mr. Dottie
lgrab-dottie and mr dottie

…and then I just rode and took it all in (and enjoyed another year of all the bikes)

And I love seeing the families make the event a family affair.

But pedaling 15-30 miles can be quite tiring…

The post-ride festival included live entertainment, food, merchandise and advocacy groups, including People for Bikes –

Simply put, we believe that life is far more enjoyable when it’s experienced on two wheels. We believe that by coming together, we can make our world a better place to ride.

Have you signed the pledge “in support of a better future for bicycling—one that is safe and fun for everyone.”

What a great way to kick off the summer – let’s all go ride bikes! HELLO SUMMER!

Go Green Go Dutch Go Bike Ride

This Saturday Chicago’s Active Transportation Alliance and the Netherlands Consulate General come together to bring you Chicago’s first Go Green Go Dutch Go Bike! event.

go green go dutch go bike

Chicago has three European-style bike shops, including Defietsfabriek-USA and Dutch Bike Co., which are participating in this ride.

Rider registration automatically enters you into a raffle to win a Dutch bike – the Gazelle Toer Populair (retail value $1,349), donated by Dutch Bike Co. Chicago.

And Jon Lind, owner of Defietsfabriek-USA (which I’ve featured in previous posts), will be “assembling a great crew of colorful bikes and riders together” to ride from his shop to the start of the ride at Montrose Harbor and back.

Come out and join me and my mom for a bike ride this weekend.