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Thank You For Your Input!!!

At the end of January, I asked our readers to provide input on their bike/train experiences. This was part of a research project I did for a rail advisory group — a group interested in gathering a variety of information for a major rail carrier relating to both recreational cyclists/travelers and multi-modal commuters (bike/rail) for the purposes of developing new stops, routes and procedures for moving bikes and cyclists aboard trains.

I prepared a package of research for them, including several government studies, policies/procedures from municipal transit organizations, photographs of equipment and carrying options and other data. The group was very pleased with the package, but what they absolutely RAVED about was YOUR comments and insights. Frankly, they were blown away by the thoughtful responses you provided to my questions. So, thanks…the rail carrier in question is moving forward with some plans to add routes and bike-carrying capacity to the region being studied. In fact, the representative from the rail carrier told us that based on your comments, they’re refining the procedures to bring bikes onto the trains; now they’ll have the same setup system-wide.

I appreciate your help with this, and just wanted to let you know that without you and your comments, our site really wouldn’t be very fun or informative. Thanks again!