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My bicycle light ideas

I recently got an idea from a motorcycle, ya I know it has an engine and it runs on gas but hear me out. One thing I’ve noticed lately with bicycle lights is that they’re getting smaller. Nothing wrong with that since it’s great for weight savings and the bright LEDs make up for it. But I was thinking it might be too small.

Check out this old motorcycle with this large head light and notice the turn signals are quite a distance from each other.
honda cm 200

Now check out the tail light. Same as the front, pretty large and definitely visible at night and even during the day.
honda cm200

So where am I going with this? Well I think bicycle lights should be just as big as motorcycle lights and if a manufacturer were to create faux turn signals that act as running lights and have them spaced at least 12″ from each other, this would make bicycles more visible at night to drivers since from far away, it would look like a motorcycle or scooter.

Any thoughts?