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Interbike 2012: Trending…NEON Colors

For those of you that thought day-glow colors were just for bike commuters or roadies. Interbike yielded a bunch of brands who brought out neon-ish colors in products that didn’t look dorky. Here’s a perfect example, you see those gloves I’m wearing, Giro gave those out at Dirt Demo…a nice bright hot pink. The hat and koozie were from the show as well.

SDG saddles.
Lazer helmets


Here’s some more hot pink colors from Joy Ride.


Loeka’s commuter jacket has a nice bright blue hue.

If you recall the Yuba Boda Boda, this one is this pretty lime green.

In a nut shell, manufactures for every type of bicycle product at Interbike had some sort of brightly or neon colored product that they offered. Fixed gear bikes seem to spear-heading this trend that is trickling down to other genres of riding. Personally I love it because it’s a nice change from the traditional colors of black, white, red and etc. What are your thoughts on the colors?