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Seattle Sports Waterproof Pannier — Long-Term Update

Way back in September of last year, I posted a review of the Seattle Sports “Fast Pack” waterproof pannier. Here’s how the bag looked when I first got it for review:

shiny new bag

Well, this bag has been on many journeys since last year…hundreds of miles of “soul crushing” loads of pointy-cornered hardbound library books, groceries, dress shoes, tools and assorted other weights. The bag is discolored from sun exposure, tree sap and road grime and has been through 15 or 20 rainstorms, cold weather and any other condition central Florida could throw at it. Here’s how the bag looks now:

she looks rough, but she's still tough!

My verdict on the pannier is this: this bag is indestructible. I’ve stored it outside for all these months on three different bikes, and the only time water ever entered it was when I left it open accidently and my neighbor’s poorly-aimed sprinkler shot over the fence and soaked the bag. Since the bag’s liner hangs from the rim of the external waterproof layer, I simply pulled the liner “inside out” and it dried in a matter of hours.

Despite the bag’s rather wretched appearance, there are no loose seams, gouges or tears anywhere on it. I’ve carried 40 lb. loads of books in there, fully expecting those corners to punch through, but this bag took it all and asked for more!

The mounting system continues to impress me…I’ve never bucked the pannier off its rack mounts despite those punishing loads and they hold tight to virtually every rack I’ve hung the bag on. That’s good quality and great design, in my opinion.

Sure, there are flashier bags out there with more features, but I appreciate the understated “workmanlike” appearance of these panniers. They get the job done without drawing too much attention to themselves. It’s like this: If you value your loads and need them to arrive clean, dry and safe, these panniers by Seattle Sports are hard to beat.

Banjo Brothers Market Pannier and the Wald 215 Rack

Recently Banjo Brothers had sent me the Market Pannier to review and at the same time Wald sent me the 215 rack to review.

Here are the specs for the Pannier:
MARKET PANNIER (deluxe grocery bag pannier) – It’s like a deluxe grocery pannier, only it’s so much more. This is a great bag for errands, commuting (drop your briefcase right inside), and visiting your favorite market. The easy-on and off mounting, long handles and a shoulder strap make it convenient to bring inside, and a large cinch-down flap keeps your stuff covered on the road.

* 1250 Cubic inch capacity (sold individually)
* Roughly the size of a paper grocery bag 15″ H x 13″ L x 8″ W
* Heavy-duty 3mm polymer frame on back and bottom to prevent sagging
* Reinforcement panels in all wear areas
* Cinch-down flap keeps load covered and secure
* Side straps adjust support and fold pannier closed when not used
* Inside zipper pocket for keys and cash
* Available March 2007
* MSRP: $44.99

Specs on the rack:

Wald bicycle racks offer a simple rear rack design for easy use. Lightweight yet sturdy construction with simple mounting points located at eyelets near the rear axle and the brake mount. The 215 works perfectly with our innovative 582 rear folding basket.

Available in plated (215) and black powder coat (215BL) finish.

Here are some product shots of the pannier and rack after a weekend of carrying loads for the Sea Otter Classic show in Monterey:

Mounting hardware:

Close ups on how it mounts to the rack:

Cargo capacity: my Crocs, gloves, rain jacket and other junk. The pannier can hold a standard paper bag. But with this pannier, you don’t need a paper bag since it has straps and handles that you can use as a grocery bag — what a great way to go Green.