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If you have time over the weekend, please visit our friend Darren’s excellent bicycle-touring website at

His two-day “Web Event” kicks off at 8AM tomorrow…and the crew from have been given the honor of kicking it off with the first article posted — a crash-course tutorial on bicycle commuting.

Check out the lineup by clicking here….it’s gonna be star-studded! Plus, there will be periodic prize giveaways throughout the weekend. Stop in and check it out, ok?

Book Review: “Shift” by Jennifer Bradbury

Here’s a book that caught my eye a couple weeks ago: Shift by Jennifer Bradbury (New York: Atheneum Books for Young Readers, 2008).

shift cover

To celebrate their graduation from high school, lifelong friends Chris and Win decide to go on a cross-country bicycle tour…and only one returns to tell about it. What happened to Win? What is Chris hiding? What if Chris is telling the truth about his adventure?

This novel is the first by Jennifer Bradbury, a high-school English instructor from Burlington, Washington. It is an utterly compelling read — fast-paced, full of twists and turns and peppered throughout with realistic bicycling scenarios (the author is an accomplished bicycle tourer herself). The novel is aimed squarely at the “young adult” reader, but don’t let that put you off — this book doesn’t read like a typical YA novel. It’s smart and well-put-together and it lacks the schmaltziness many other YA novels exhibit. I absolutely could not put this book down, and subsequently burned through it in about three hours. The story has a satisfying resolution even as it leaves the reader hanging…

Even if you’re not much of a fiction reader, I highly recommend this book. Shift is such a strong first novel that there’s no telling what the author is capable of!

To read more about the author and to read additional reviews of the book, please visit the author’s website.

Traveling Cyclist Amenities — New Zealand Style

Our friends Nick and Lynn Tucker sent the following photo to share:

bicycle assembly station

Clicky for big

What on Earth is this, you ask? It is the bicycle assembly station in the international terminal at Auckland, New Zealand’s airport…how cool is that?!?

New Zealand is widely regarded as one of (if not THE) ultimate destinations for bicycle tourists — good climate, friendly people, stunning vistas. If the airport there (and it is reported that the airport in Christchurch also has one of these stations) made the effort to secure a special spot for traveling bicyclists to reassemble their bikes, you can be sure the rest of the trip will be a smashing success.

Both airports list these assembly points as an offered service on their respective websites:
Christchurch(complete with a photo of their facility).

Anyone seen ANYTHING like this in a U.S. airport? I sure haven’t. If anyone has run across a similar facility in their world travels, let us know.