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Bicycle Bully-vard…complete text

Last week, I gave you guys a teaser of an article I wrote for The District Weekly. I just checked the site today and it looks like they posted the complete text. Check it out here!

When I heard about a meeting at Bixby Park put on by the city to explore the possibility of creating a bike boulevard on First Street, I was ecstatic. First Street, between Junipero and Loma, is a beautiful, spacious street and a prime candidate to be converted to a bicycle boulevard given its low traffic and wide lanes.

Now, for the uninitiated, let me first tell you what a biycle boulevard is not. A bicycle boulevard is not like the recreational trail that we have on the beach. It is not a special separated lane that will traverse through the city like a 405 for bicycles. It isn’t even a bike lane.

What it is is traffic calming. Ahhh. It just sounds so nice to say, doesn’t it? Bicycle boulevards, which could just as easily be called walking/jogging/strollering/biking boulevards, are streets where certain features such as curb extensions, street trees and traffic circles have been added to slow and divert vehicle traffic, thus making it safe for everyone. Bicyclists benefit from it because traffic moves at a slower clip, but so do pedestrians, joggers and mothers with strollers. Residents get the added benefit of lower air and noise pollution.

Bike boulevards attract utilitarian cyclists because, unlike the beach path (which has few access points and is below the bluffs), you can actually use it to get somewhere you need to go and it is integrated into the infrastructure grid.

Read the rest here.

One Proud Mama

You may remember my 10yr old daughter Breanna participated in the PTA Reflections program at her school. Any child is able to enter a piece of artwork centering on the theme “How I can make a difference is….” Breanna chose to share a video about how she can make a difference by riding her bike. What can I’s in the blood. lol.

Well tonight I am proud to say that Breanna won first place in her category for her school and is one of twenty-one children to represent our PTA council at the next judging level (there were hundreds of entries). This is the third level of judging that she is moving on to. She could then move on to represent the state on a national level. What an incredible way to get this message out!!

What was really incredible was one of the judges would not stop talking about how amazing Breanna’s video was. She said that she was so impressed with the video that she wants to speak with the city to have Breanna’s entry run as a commercial on the local station to advocate bike riding!!! How cool is that?!

We’re just so proud of our sweet Banan. We truly believe that bicyles do make a difference in this world and are so proud to see the next generation raise up and begin the efforts to get more people on their bikes! So we’ll keep you updated on the progress! We will find out on Saturday if she will move to the fourth level. 🙂 And in case you missed the video you can watch it here.