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Ridiculous Rain and a Thumbhole Sleeve Hack

Yo bikey peeps. A long time ago, back in Honolulu, I used to bike in the rain. And a not so long time ago, back in Asheville, I biked in some summer showers. And about 10 minutes ago, here in Portland, I got my ass handed to me by a downpour. Welcome to the Pacific NorthWet everyboday.

Oh man, I thought I knew cold. I thought I was a badass. I thought biking 13 miles home against the intense tradewinds and rain with nothing but spandex and a helmet holding me back was “cold”. Well, turns out “cold” in Hawaii does. Not. Exist. Period.


Remind me to wait out the rain next time…


Or maybe Cantaloupe needs some chromey fenders.

So, even though I roostered my butt with my lack of fenders, soaked my socks through my Chuck Taylors, and rolled home with totally drenched upper thighs through those Lulu Lemon pants that are so good for all other types of fall weather, I did come away with one successful cold weather hack. BEHOLD!


In my men’s XS rain slick, the sleeves and length are just a little long for me – the way I like it! That extra long sleeve is just long enough to reach my knuckles with the Thumbhole Sleeve Hack. Ka-bam-a-lam.

I call it the no-sew velcro thumbhole sleeve hack! Or, thumbholes for dummies. All you need is a rain slick with velcro straps at the wrist. And thank Gods I do, because it was the only thing keeping me from turning around on my commute and waiting for a bus while mumbling “Winter is coming!” All body parts wrapped in neon green rain slick stayed happy and dry.


So SIM-POH! Why hadn’t I ever done this before with my pink kids REI rain slick?


Thumbholes for dummies, I’m a dummy for not doing this YEARS ago…

So keep your sleeves down and your butts up, cycle ladies and gentlemen. You can bike commute in a race position all you want with the Thumbhole Sleeve Hack. Get your hack on, Bike Commuters, and keep your arms and wrists wind and rain free!