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Biking at Work, Too?

A recent Washington Post article highlights a couple ways to get exercise at work.  One of them is the ever-more-popular standing desk.  Another is the slightly-less-popular treadmill desk (most likely less popular since it requires, y’know, a treadmill… and those aren’t cheap!).

The FitDesk

The third is the Fitdesk (Amazon link), which allows you to pedal while you work away on a laptop (and folds up when you’re done).  I have yet to figure out how this would interface with a typical cubicle… but it’s an intriguing idea.  However, the Post article says us bikey people aren’t the target market:

Believing he had stumbled on a valuable training tool, [Ferrusi] tried marketing his idea to cyclists. They hated it. But fortunately for Ferrusi, others did not. “The truth is, that market has not warmed up to it as fast as everyone else,” Ferrusi told me. “The cyclist crowd, they’re self-motivated. This is a product for people who are not.”

What do you think?  Would a FitDesk fit in your life?  Would you rather pedal as you hunch over your laptop?  Or does this make biking seem too much like… work?

Via: Washcycle, Facebook page (via my wife, who thought I should get a FitDesk)