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A couple of cool bike-oriented crowdfunding projects

Here are a couple of really cool Indiegogo “crowdfunding” projects that caught our eye of late.

The first is Cycling CEO, a company that develops cycling/health and wellness programs for businesses:

Cycling CEO is the first company to design, implement and manage comprehensive corporate cycling programs for employees and executive teams.Fitness programs have shown to deliver a $3 to $6 dollar return for every $1 invested.

The benefits of our corporate cycling programs include:
•Employees can spend quality time with each other discussing/solving business challenges
•Advances social relationships
•Promotes a healthy lifestyle
•Relieves daily stress
•Renews energy
•Promotes a positive corporate image in the community
•Support charitable causes through team participation in events​

Cycling CEO’s Indiegogo page can be found by clicking here. It’s a neat project — and healthier employees are definitely more effective employees! Still, I’d like to see some focus on the transportation benefits of cycling to work rather than pure recreational “team bonding” exercises Cycling CEO concentrates on.


The second project is called The Long Bike Back, a documentary about Pearson Constantino. Here’s Pearson in his own words:

I’m a bike commuter from New York city and in June 2006 I was injured in a hit-and-run crash while biking to work. Two years later despite constant pain I biked across America to advocate for safer roads, improved bicycle infrastructure and to hopefully inspire folks to get out and ride more.

My recovery, trip and advocacy efforts were filmed for a documentary called The Long Bike Back which is now nearly ready for release! It is our hope that you would check it out and help spread the word about our film and our Indiegogo campaign with your network so that we can get this film to the widest audience possible.

And the trailer for the documentary:

If you want to support The Long Bike Back project, visit their Indiegogo page by clicking here.