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Chicago’s Bike to Work Week challenges commuters

Are you ready for this year’s bike commuter challenge? National Bike to Work Day may have been on May 15, but Chicagoans get competitive about bike commuting in mid-June, after getting primed with May’s Bike the Drive.

The Active Transportation Alliance (formerly the Chicagoland Bicycle Federation) “challenges” companies and workers to bike to work at least once during Chicago’s June Bike to Work Week (June 13-19).

In fact, they sum up the challenge by asking “Does your company have what it takes?”

If your company accepts the challenge, then ATA’s Bike Commuter Challenge offers companies the chance to compete with other businesses to see which can get the most employees to bike to work during Bike to Work Week, June 13-19. As of this posting, 320 teams had registered.

For those seasoned bike commuters and the newbies alike, ATA has a helpful list of resources to help any team get ready for the challenge of bike commuting.

In this era of being eco-conscious, this year’s bike to work week is getting recognition not only from athletic sites and blogs, but also from environmental blogs, including Chicago’s edition of A Fresh Squeeze.

It’s Bike To Work Week (in some places)

BTWW is happening here in Orange County, Ca. I’ve already convinced a few of my coworkers to ride into work this week.

I’m looking forward to it because once my colleagues try it, I know they’ll fall in love with bike commuting.

What about you, do you have plans to ride this week (that’s if you don’t already ride 5 times a week or more)?

Bay-area Cyclists in the News

As with the rest of the country, there’s been a slew of media attention on this year’s National Bike to Work Week here in the Tampa Bay area.

Normally, I tend to hog the spotlight around here because there are so few regular commuters (or they’re much better at hiding than I am). However, this week two of our other Tampa-based pals made it onto television!

First, we have Jonathan Scott, an engineer with the City of Tampa…he made it onto the news not once but TWICE this week, and did an excellent job on-camera. Check out his first article and video, and also today’s video.

Biking in Tampa
(image by Rick and Lisa Hickman)

The second “local celebrity” is roadie/commuter and all-around good guy Mike Limerick, co-founder of the Seminole Heights Bicycle Club. Mike’s other claim to fame is his amazing cycling jersey collection. Here is today’s article and accompanying video. Look for a cameo appearance by local cycling advocate and longtime friend of Julie Bond (photos lost to last year’s hacker).

It is good to see the local media outlets focusing on bicycle commuting…I only wish there was this much attention year-round rather than only during Bike to Work Week. Well, the message is getting out, regardless. Bravo to Jonathan, Mike and Julie for braving the news cameras!!!

Bike to work week 2008

“But isn’t any day bike to work day?” I always get this comment when I post about Bike to Work Week/Day so I decided to get it out of the way.

Bike to work week has special meaning for me, it is because of bike to work week that I decided to give riding to work a chance and like 30% of people who try it the first time, it stuck. I also like to promote bike to work week/day at work, I usually talk to those who ride a bike about bike to work week and hopefully try to convince them to try it at least one day. Who knows, they could be part of that 30%.