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Rail User Experiences Wanted

I’ve been asked to do some background research for a railway advisory group. This group is interested in gathering a variety of information for a major rail carrier relating to both recreational cyclists/travelers and multi-modal commuters (bike/rail) for the purposes of developing new stops, routes and procedures for moving bikes and cyclists aboard trains.

Although I’ve spent a lot of time traveling via train (I don’t fly), I’ve never traveled with a bike…nor have I had the opportunity to go multi-modal. Anyhow, what I’m hoping you could provide is your experiences using trains and bicycles together. The kinds of information that would be useful are:

–how are the bicycles stored or secured onboard? In a separate cargo car or mixed in with passengers?
–any fees you might have encountered while bringing a bike onboard
–hits/misses in the experiences you’ve had. Was it good and efficient or a nightmare of logistical headaches…or somewhere in between?
–what was the purpose of your travel: for recreation or for commuting purposes?
–any specific policies or procedures that worked or needed improvement?
–whatever else you care to add about your time onboard

Please indicate where you used a rail service in your comments…and thanks in advance for participating!