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T-shirt blowout! Only $15.00 shipped!

Deep in the recesses of HQ, we found the very last of our signature green t-shirts. We’re blowing them out in advance of Interbike (see our beer money post here).

$15.00 USD gets you a t-shirt shipped to anywhere in the U.S. (shipping IS included)*. The caveat: there are only 4 shirts available…3 smalls and 1 XL.



*Goofy facial expression and wee child NOT included.

We’re blowing out the last of the t-shirts

Pssst…you over there. Hey, you! Wanna buy a t-shirt? Yeah, you look like you could use a new t-shirt…

Well, you’re in luck — because we’re blowing out the last of our limited-edition t-shirts. For the low, low price of $15.00 (and that includes shipping to anywhere in the United States), you will receive a stylish, bright green heavyweight cotton t-shirt with our logo printed on the front. That’s a steal! We’re making room for new branded items in the future, so we want these t-shirts gone as soon as possible.

(Model not included…sorry, gentlemen)

Sizes and quantities are extremely limited — if you’re on the wee side (S) or on the stout side (XL), we’ve probably got you covered. Mid-range folks (M/L) better hurry, though, because that’s where the numbers are fewest.

Simply click on the PayPal button below to order; it’s painless and fast. Problems, questions or concerns? Hit me up at ghostrider[at]bikecommuters[dot]com.