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Review: Funk in the Trunk, Bontrager Cooler Racktop Bag

Summer, Summer, Summertime!  It’s time to sit back and unwind like the Fresh Prince of Bel Air.  The time has come to give you our FINAL THOUGHTS on the super-summer-ready Trek  Bontrager Funk Trunk.  This bag is Trek’s response for utility cycling for a picnic, trip to the beach, AND impromptu dance parties!  The side pocket of the cooler comes with a built-in speaker connection – bold beverages and tunes, what more could a bike commuter ask for on a lazy Sunday?

Cooler and Tunes on the go!

So I’ve decided to give this product a review based on a 6-pack of Dr. Pepper.  6 Cans means an EXCELLENT score and 1 Can means WEAK.  Here’s the scoop from Bontrager/Trek:

With a built in cooler, battery powered speakers and a shoulder strap for off-bike portability, the Funk Trunk has you prepared for the next picnic or tailgate party.


  • Secures to rear rack via 2 Velcro straps
  • Main compartment can hold up to 8 drink cans and is thermo-lined to keeps contents cold
  • Includes two side pockets: one with internal mesh pockets, one with speakers and battery powered amplifier (batteries not included)
  • Speakers are compatible with any self-powered music device that includes a standard 3.5mm headphone jack
  • Includes removable, adjustable shoulder strap, shock-cord top storage and reflective light attachment strip
  • A rolling party favor
Part No. MSRP* Cargo Capacity Color Model
423460 129.99 (9,177cc) Black Funk Trunk

*Pricing is set by Bontrager retailers and does not include freight, import duties or taxes for retailers outside of the US.

photo 2

Velcro Strap Security: 6-Pack of Dr. Pepper worthy.

Although it may seem like one of the least “exciting” features of the Funk Trunk Cooler Racktop Bag, the two heavy-duty velcro straps on the bottom of the bag are worthy of six cans of bubble-prune-corn juice! The velcro straps run the entire width of the bag in two places; they held the cooler tight to my rear-mounted flat rack. Despite riding the bike through the grassy park, crappy “bike paths” loaded with tree roots that mess up the concrete, and over curbs, the Bontrager Funk Trunk stayed PUT.  Bonus, easy mounting spot for your rear blinky light too, if you weren’t already mounting it to your rack!

Plenty of room for Sapporo and Green Tea! Bottles need to be laid on their side a bit.

Storage Capacity: 5 out of 6 pack of DP!

For the size of the bag the Funk Trunk gets a 5 out of 6 cans for pretty significant storage.  Max capacity according to the website is 8 canned beverages.  Ample room, but I only gave it 5 out of 6 because there were some things that were just a tad too big to fit in the Funk Trunk, like a round salad to-go container and a typical plate lunch container from my favorite picnic pick-up spot, Diamondhead Market and Grill.  The workaround was: eat half the salad and then smash it into a smaller tupperware that fits inside the cooler!  Also, the two sides unzip entirely to reveal a spot for your mp3 player or smart phone + speakers, and another with mesh mini-pockets.  The mesh stretchy pocket was great for forks, chopsticks, napkins, wine bottle opener, etc.  And of course: the bungee on top of the bag was great for stashing a rolled up towel or thick blanket for your picnic!  A nice addition.  One time I did use the bungee to strap down an enormous bundle of kale.

Cooler Thermo-Lined Ice-Ice-Baby Factor: 4-Pack of Dr. Pepper.

The Funk Trunk cooler compartment definitely kept my drinks, lunch, or groceries from the Farmer’s market cool as if they had just come from the fridge.  I would have given this category a perfect 6-pack, BUT one downside to the cooler compartment is that it leaked melted ice water!  Summer, BUMMER.  Works great if you have gel ice packs instead of actual ice cubes, but somehow, the compartment would leak when it was sitting in the grass at a BBQ at the park and watered the lawn.  Not a big deal if you are going on a short jaunt, but could get annoying if you were carrying the Funk Trunk over your shoulder for a long-ish walk and weren’t prepared for the cooling sensation trickling down your bum!  The gel-type ice packs are a good work-around, or chilling your foods and bevvies in the fridge before carting them to the partay.

photo 1

Speakerboxxx: 3 out of 6 cans of Dr. Pepper for the musical set-up.

Okay, okay, maybe my expectations of this “party on wheels” was a little too high considering that it is primarily a cooler, and the speaker set up is a secondary function.  Overall, the Funk Trunk is a great idea, and professionally executed throughout, until you get to the speakers.  The speakers seem a bit shoddy and flimsy, but they do the trick.  No way you can play music and hear it blasting from the rear as you ride, you’d be better off with headphones for that application.  BUT, the speakerbox feature does work pretty well when you are cruising over to a BBQ or outdoor party and somebody has forgotten to bring the tunes!  It is louder than a speaker on your iphone, but don’t expect to be blown away by the quality or the volume.  Also, the AA battery connection pack is a little on the janky side.  Still a fun feature that will work in a pinch.

TOTAL SCORE:  4.5 CANS OF DR. PEPPER! (or maybe 4 cans of Dr. Pepper and the first half of the next one, so you don’t end up drinking someone’s backwash!)

The corn syrup gods have spoken:  my overall impression of the Bontrager Funk Trunk was a great one!  The bag got of a lot of attention from friends because the plaid is cute for girls but also awesome for guys and it’s way more fashionable with the long strap than most cooler bags.  For the price of $129.99 (or 1.3 million cans of Dr. Pepper) I wish the speakers were better and the cooler didn’t leak.  Source of the leaking melted ice was definitely not through the zipper, but through the bottom of the compartment and in one corner.  However, the Funk Trunk is extremely useful for everyday commuting:  fits snug on the rear rack with the velcro straps, is easy to get on and off your rear rack, and can pack enough lunch for two if you play your cards right!  It’s also VERY handy for running errands on your bike like grocery store runs for Bubbie’s mochi ice cream, chicken thighs, or human organs.

Mmmm... Put some Bubbie's in my Funk Trunk anyday!

Welp, that’s a wrap for this summer soda-filled review.  See you at the beach, Cycle Ladies and Gents!

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Preview: Bontrager Funk Trunk – Party in a rack top bag!

Cooler and Tunes on the go!

Exciting news, me Bike Commuters!  Trek’s Bontrager Funk Trunk is in our line-up for product reviews.  To give you a preview here are some photos.  Looks like a fun bag for a picnic, trip to the beach, or mini-flash mobs and impromptu dance parties.  A cooler with a built-in speaker connection, this looks like it should be a fun one.  We’ll test this funky trunk out and get you the review just in time for the nice commuting Spring/Summer season.  Check out the pics:

photo 1

Lookin' good, with mini speakers!

photo 2

Just waiting for the good weather and a photo op at the beach!

Hang on to your bikes, weekend fun is just around the corner…  Catch you later, cycle gators.