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What is a S24O? Only the greatest thing ever!

So you’re a hardcore commuter. You ride five days a week rain or shine. You know how to carry gear on your bike, or maybe you have an Xtracycle. You want to go on vacation with your bike, but you “just don’t have the time.” Think again! It’s time to go on a S24O!

A S24O (pronounced “Es-Two-Four-Oh”) was coined by Grant Peterson of Rivendell. It is a sub-24 hour overnight bike camping trip. The beauty is that it takes little time commitment (less than 24 hours) and if you forget something in your packing, it’s not the end of the world.

If your commuter bike has a rack and panniers, it’s S24O ready. Because the trip is so short, you don’t have to carry everything and the kitchen sink. Two rear panniers and a saddle bag should do it. No need for front panniers. GP shows a typical kit for one night out on the Rivendell site. It’s not a whole lot.

S24Os are also pretty inexpensive due to the short duration. They are also family friendly, since you won’t be covering huge miles!

Finding a suitable location for an S24O will probably be the biggest challenge. State parks with camping would be the first choice or if you’re going solo, you could free camp with discretion in your local foot hills or mountains. I live in Long Beach, CA which is in LA County. Not the first place that comes to mind when you think of camping. However, with a little research I’ve found some great S24O opportunities not too far from Los Angeles. Combining the train, I can do a S24O in the central coast or in the mountains just north of Pasadena or the state beaches south of Orange County. There are a lot more options than you would think.

Here are a few accounts of some S24Os to inspire you.

Kent’s S24O
Alex Whetmore’s S24O account
-A family going bike camping with Xtracycles!
-A S24O Flickr Group

If you know of any good ones in your area, write in and share! I’ll be going on a slightly longer than 24 hour trip this weekend and I’ll be sure post about it.