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Take the Car-Free Day Pledge!


Join the celebration of the inaugural Chicagoland Car-Free Day! Next Tuesday is a worldwide event called Car-Free Day. Locally – in Chicago – the Active Transportation Alliance, along with RTA, CTA, Pace and Metra (all of our wonderful public transit options), are urging Chicagoans to pledge to go Car-Free for the day.

On Tuesday Sept. 22, Active Trans will partner with RTA, Pace, Metra, CTA and communities around the region for Chicagoland Car-free Day. The event is part of World Car-free Day, the one moment when people around the world pledge to go sans auto.

The day will only work if we get everyone involved. The more people we get to pledge to go car-free, the more fun the day will be! Plus, when you take the pledge on our website, you get a coupon for $1 off a large drink at Caribou Coffee on Sept. 22 (We’re not that crazy to ask you to go caffeine-free).

Another Chicago non-profit organization called Break the Gridlock will host a rally/networking/self-propelled action, “One Million Less* Cars!” at Daley Plaza, starting at 5:30pm, leaving at 6pm *sharp.

We will spread love and thanks for walkers, bikers, skaters, bladers, transit users etc. downtown. . . . and encourage the drivers hitting the highway ramps to join us next time.

Bring your costumes, banners, speeches, sense of humor and righteous indignation about the proliferation of the private automobile.

Most importantly, wherever you are, I hope you pledge to be car-free on Tuesday, September 22. It’s OK if you already are, too!

In Chicago, let’s celebrate and be counted in our inaugural Car-Free Day stats by taking the pledge.

It’s not about the free coffee coupon (though the caffeine certainly helps!). The more people who pledge, the more we show our support for a more car-free society.

As the World Carfree site says:

Let World Carfree Day be a showcase for just how our cities might look like, feel like, and sound like without cars…365 days a year.