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10 reasons Congress must save bike/ped funding

The following came from a press release issued by the League of American Bicyclists…entitled “Top 10 Reasons Congress Must Preserve Bicycle and Pedestrian Programs”:

“For the past 20 years, local elected officials have had access to state transportation funds through a handful of federal programs for bicycling and walking initiatives: Safe Routes to School, Transportation Enhancements and Recreational Trails. They account for just 1.5 percent of the overall federal transportation bill and have all been heavily over-subscribed since their creation.

Despite the overwhelming success and popularity of these programs, House Republican leadership and a handful of influential Senators have waged an unexplained and inexplicable vendetta against these programs — not to save the government any money, just to prevent state or local governments spending their money on these specific programs and activities, removing any vestige of local control over transportation investments.

Here are our top ten reasons why members of Congress must reject these small-minded and vindictive attacks.


To read the list (including a couple of “surprises”…the U.S. Military supports Safe Routes to School? Wow!), please visit the LAB blog by clicking here.

Cardin-Cochran amendment in peril…

We’ve talked a bit about the repeated attacks against alternative transportation infrastructure funding over the past few months. It’s the same old story: some of our elected officials are trying to save money by going after what they think is “low hanging fruit”…meanwhile, congestion in our cities increases, we’re getting fatter as a nation and our reliance on oil is cruising along unabated. “Alternative” (something other than cars) transportation improvements, whether they be mass-transit, pedestrian or cycling-based, give lots of benefits for the money. Don’t believe me? Check out this editorial from the Minneapolis Star-Tribune, where the author enumerates the many benefits being experienced by a city that decided to “do the right thing” and start building bike-friendly infrastructure.

Transportation for America sent us an advisory on some upcoming business in the U.S. Senate:

As the House and Senate negotiations continue, we need you to help defend a crucial provision in the Senate bill that is under attack.

Known as the Cardin-Cochran amendment, it would help our cities and towns revitalize Main streets, improve public health, and make streets safer for everyone who uses them. It does that by giving them the ability to make choices about how transportation dollars are spent in their communities.

Can you take just a minute to tell your senators and representative to preserve and defend the Cardin-Cochran amendment?

Many of you wrote your senators about this amendment back in February, resulting in a huge victory when it won bipartisan support and was included in the Senate bill. But it’s under attack right now and could be scrapped as the House and Senate negotiate a final transportation bill if we don’t fight for it. Today.

If this important provision isn’t included in the final transportation bill, Congress would take transportation choices away from local governments and give the state sole power over them.

Senators already recognized that they should give control and choice back to local governments to invest in the smaller projects in their communities that revitalize their communities while building out a full transportation network that is safe for everyone.

These issues are being decided this week in the conference negotiations. So please tell your Senator and representative to preserve the Cardin-Cochran provision.

Thanks for your support,

Stephen Lee Davis
Deputy Communications Director
Transportation for America

It only takes a minute to let your elected officials know how you feel about the Cardin-Cochran amendment (and improving transportation infrastructure in general). Please help keep this provision as part of the Senate bill.