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More Yuba Mundo

The other day Priscilla and I decided to try out the Yuba Mundo. She actually ended up jogging while I rode the bike…about 6 miles so far. First thing I can tell you is that the Yuba is super smooth! It must be the steel…this baby glides through the streets.

Here’s Priscilla riding the Yuba.

I eventually jumped on the back. If you’re not careful, the rear tire will buzz off your package since there’s no board on the rack to protect you from wheel.

We traded places because I wanted to see if the frame would flex. We rode down the street with Priscilla as my passenger and tried zig zagging and to my surprise there was no flexing at all. But then again Priscilla isn’t all that heavy either…a bit over 100lbs.

Here’s another shot of the Yuba Mundo to help give you an idea on how long the bike is.

One thing I did find that I really liked about the Yuba Mundo was the geometry of the bike. It’s VERY comfortable, my arms were relaxed, I wasn’t leaning over too much…great for my back and its simply fun to ride. As time goes, we’ll be posting more observations and uses of the Yuba Mundo.

Yuba Mundo Build Complete

This morning I woke up extra early to get things finished on the Yuba Mundo. Two things I have to mention, this baby is all steel and its pretty heavy. Keep reading and you’ll see the dimensions below.

Here’s the final photos:
yuba mundo

This thing has some beefy wheels, 48 spokes! That’s more than my tandem! The rims and spokes are mega thick compared to most bikes.
yuba mundo

Rear axel are the kind you’d find on BMX dirt jumper bikes…really thick!

The rear rack was a pain to install. One of the legs of it wouldn’t align on the mounting bolt. So after a few minutes of pulling and pushing, I got it to fit just right.

Here’s a shot of how you could easily mount things onto the Mundo. I was looking at my Xtracycle bags/freeradical and saw that there might be a way to use those bags onto the Mundo. I’ll have to try it out show you folks.

All I used were these clips to attach things.

yuba mundo

Here are the dimensions of the Mundo:

Bicycle size: One size fits all | Wheels: 26 Inches
Length: 210 cm (6.9ft) | Weight: 21 kilos (46lbs)
Cargo capacity: volume 1.05 m3 (33.3cft) | weight 200 kilos (440lbs)
Carrier size: length 80 cm (2ft 7″) width 22 cm (8.7″) Sideloaders: 54 cm (1ft 9″) 15cm (5.9″)

The side loader was wide enough to seat my big cooler on it. All I need to do is strap it down.

I did ride the Mundo a bit this morning and yes it’s pretty heavy, but then again its steel. This is what’s surprising though, the bike doesn’t feel heavy or too long when riding it. The bike handles much like a regular bike and its pretty darn smooth! We’ll be testing this thing out more and it will actually be a team effort. I’ll have the Mundo for a bit, then it will get some load testing with Russ who carries hundreds of pounds of camera equipment on his bike. We’ll keep you posted.

Grocery Gitter…the saga continues

Russ and Jack were the first to start building up a “Grocery Gitter” bike, them Moe followed suit with his Breezer Gitter. Now one of our loyal readers, Rick Logue(I like your initials) sent us photos of his Gitter bike.

Here’s what Rick had to say about his Gitter:

These pictures are completely staged. The only differences between
these and real life are that I left out the toilet paper so you could see my
daughters’ beautiful faces and there is nothing in the back of the trailer.

This is usually my rig for getting any type of groceries. The Burley
trailer has a little bit of space in the back (two paper bags worth) for
carrying things. The pannier is an old military surplus ammo bag with
Arkel’s mounting hardware. That bag is great for a six pack of beer.

Check it out!

He’s got his priorities on straight because he’s got a man’s essentials on his rack…diapers and beer. But the best part about his Gitter are those beautiful kids in the trailer! Aw…

If you’ve got a Gitter you’d like to share with the world, send it over to

Yuba Mundo is HERE!

The Yuba Mundo arrived at the World Headquarters a few days ago and I took a few snap shots of the frame. The Mundo arrives practically in pieces, but somehow they all managed to fit it all in one box. We received the 6 speed model and its blue, my favorite color!
yuba mundo

I’ll be building this bike up and once its done I’ll post some photos.

We’ll be reviewing this bike and testing the cargo capacity of it…so I’ll need some volunteers to be my passenger.

Cargo Bike, Philippines style

When I was a kid in the Philippines, my family owned a sidecar that attached to Randy’s bike. These things were normally used to chauffeur family members to the market, movies, or anywhere you needed to go. It was great for cruising the neighborhood with.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always wanted one here in the US. The thing is, these side cars are usually hand made by some welder in the Philippines, and they are made out of steel. You can pretty much find them at any LBS for as little as a few hundred pesos…remember, the US Dollar is about fifty pesos there…

So why did I bring this up. Well for one thing, I love any bike that has more than one function. I really dig my Xtracycle just because its so practical. Bakfiets are cool too because they are the ultimate in cargo bikes. But as I think about the side car back in the Philippines, I saw how practical that would be here. The only problem is, getting one sent here. Luckily I’ve got an uncle there that is looking into sending me one. Not so sure how much it would all cost, but I think it would be so cool if we did score one!