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CETMA Rack – Fender Hack!

Here’s a little trick I used for my recent mini-adventure. I wanted a platform to carry a load on the front. My first attempt was to use a Nashbar mini front rack with a basket. Well…I rode around for a few days with the load I was going to carry and I noticed the whole thing bouncing a lot. That center mounting strut that comes with the Nashbar rack just wasn’t up to task, so off it went!

I threw on my CETMA rack from another bike. The CETMA is great for carrying heavy loads on the front. It works best with bikes with a nutted axle because the Wald hardware can rest on the big axle. It theoretically should work on wheels with a quick release, but when I tried it I was a little weary of the hardware grinding down the QR skewer.

So, what I did instead was try to mount it on the fender eyelets. Unfortunately, the eyelets on my Trek 520 are placed in a real crappy spot. They are located behind the dropout. What this means is that the strut runs into the fork blade and won’t sit flush with the eyelet.

My solution was to replace the regular fender bolt with a longer one and screw on a nut to act as a spacer. What all this does is it allows me to attach the hardware WITHOUT it bending around the fork blade. In the photo above, you can see that the nut moves the strut to the right just enough to clear the fork. A much better and elegant solution than bending the strut or cutting some semi-circular hole around it.

Anyway, it worked great. If you have a CETMA rack and want to put it on the front wheel with a QR, here’s one way to do it. If you’re thinking about getting a CETMA rack but have a front wheel with a QR, this may work on your bike depending on the fender eyelet placement.