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Pogies vs. Gloves by Chris Follmer

 You all remember our buddy Chris Follmer right? Did you know this guy will ride during the Winter in Wisconsin without gloves…ya he uses something called “Pogies.” Read what he has to say below.

Big Fo’ all iced up and lookin’ pretty!

This, like most cycling decisions, is a lot of preference. Since I started riding pogies in the cold, I haven’t looked back. I started with Bar Mitts and liked them, but they were a little small for my big hands and winter gloves. They really acted like a windshield for your hands, and they did retain some of the heat as well. They have front zippers that you can use to regulate the temperature if you wish. They sell on their website for about $65, which is well worth having warm hands.


Big Fo’ and his pogies

Since then, I’ve upgraded to Dogwood Designs pogies, which are made in Alaska. If anybody knows anything about cold weather activities, it’s Alaskans! These are one of the best bike purchases I have ever made. They are crazy warm, to the point if it’s in the upper 20’s I don’t even wear gloves! They have plenty of room in them, when I go on longer rides, I actually carry an extra pair of gloves and some candy bars in them and have room to move. They are not cheap, they sell for $120 to $170 depending on the amount of warmth you want, but I rarely ride cold Wisconsin winters without them. I usually wear my Planet Bike Orion full finger gloves and am comfortable for an all day ride on the bike.

Big Fo’ riding in the ice and snow with his pogies

At What Point Do You Replace Your Bike?

I was talking to my buddy today about his bike. He had told me that he was experiencing some mechanical problems and considered parting out his bike. As I dug deeper, he was able to describe the problem. Basically his freewheel isn’t grabbing anymore. During the conversation he talked about buying one of my old road bikes from me. I reassured him that it wouldn’t cost more than $30 to fix the problem on his bike and recommend he go that route. But somehow I think he has it in his mind to buy a new/different bike instead.

Personally I would only replace bike if:

1. It was stolen.
2. If the frame cracked.

Otherwise, I’d fix things as they broke. What about you, when is your breaking point having to buy a new bike?