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New Wool Cap Contest

You can win a brand new Wool Cycling Cap (size Larege/XL)! wool cap
To enter, upload a photo of your commuter bike onto our Facebook Fanpage by April 26th, 2013. Then our staff will vote on which bike is our favorite. We’re not looking for anything specific. But I do know our staff has a mix of what they think is a cool bike. We like fast road bikes, mountain bikes, single speeds, vintage bikes, Bakfiets, cargo bikes, Xtracycles, Trikes, E-bikes, bikes that have sweet lugs on the frame, pretty bikes, colorful bikes, Franken-bikes, pink bikes, purple bikes and even regular looking bikes!

Good luck!

We’ll announce a winner the following Monday.

Something from our Facebook Fan Page

If you’re a fan on our Facebook page, then you may have seen this thread going: Do you think with the current rise in gas prices, we’ll see more bike commuters this coming spring?

Here are a few responses:

The only thing stopping most people in my community/city is that the roads are just cyclist unfriendly.

Yes. The gas price hike in 2008 was why I started riding.

i think gas would have to be $5/gallon to see a significant change….i wouldnt mind it being higher even!!

What are your thoughts on the question posted above?